E-Pack offers Modular Cold Rooms construction and large cold storages with PUF Insulated Panels and caters to Food processing, Hospitality, Warehouses, Food Retail, Dairy & Ice cream industry, Meat, Chicken & Fish processing industry, Floriculture, pharmaceuticals and others.

We offer the solutions for Modular Cold Rooms, Large Cold Warehouses, Freezer Rooms, Blast Freezers, Ripening Chambers, Pre-Coolers, Pack Houses with wide range of PUF insulated Wall, Ceiling, Floor panels and Doors.

  • Custom Built & Pre-engineered construction with PUF Insulated Panels
  • Options available with various finishes like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / Al Foil, PPGS / SS, SS / SS
  • Walls of various heights and Ceiling Panels for longer spans with good thermal break suspender systems.
  • International Standards Joinery systems for Wall to Ceiling and Wall to Floor Panels
  • Doors with Fermod Hinges locks & Handles along with release button from inside
  • PVC / Aluminium Coving (Optional)
  • High and Consistent quality as the panels are factory made with Camlock and Non Camlock, both options
  • Higher energy savings and high performance as very low thermal conductivity
  • Dry construction, Quick and easy to erect
  • Flexibility to choose the various thicknesses of panels based on the various temperature requirements
  • Flexibility to choose various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions & requirements.
  • Ease of expansion and change in lay out as the construction is pre-engineered and modular in nature.
  • Cold Storage
  • Modular cold room
  • Pack house
  • Ante room
  • Refer Vans
  • Dairy shed
  • Blast freezer room