E-PACK ROCKWOOL PANELcomprises of pre-fabricated composite sandwich panels with high density Rockwool insulation  as core and profiled / plain colour coated Galvanised Steel / Galvalume steel sheet facing on both sides, complete with joint sealants and fixing ancillaries. E-Pack Rockwool Panel System provides an one step solution in the form of Insulated walls and Roofings for easy quick construction of various structures like

  • Control rooms
  • Turbine-Generator Buildings
  • Power project buildings
  • Drivers &Ovens Insulation
  • Compressor rooms
  • Acoustic rooms
  • Other Industrial Buildings.

E-Pack Rockwool Panels are manufactured on the most modern continious panel manufacturing technology and can be supplied in lengths upto 12m (limited due to restriction in transportation). Rockwool panels have very high sound proofing properties and are fire proof.


  • Modular factory made with precision
  • High sound absorbing capabilities
  • Excellent fire properties for high risk areas
  • Quick and easy to install at the site

Technical Details


* Epack Rockwool Panels meet all relevant IS code requirements.