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EPACK offers prefabricated structures in Agra that are well known for their durability and quality. These structures are protected from climatic and environment damages and manufactured with an eco-friendly process are high standard alternatives to conventional construction methods. These prefab site offices and liftable cabins are a viable alternative and in a world where time is money, offer speeded up manufacturing and installation processes. EPACK being the top prefabricated structures manufacturers in Agra has a commitment for quality and each of its product is a testament to the organization’s perseverant efforts in delivering customer specific and innovative solutions.

Agra being a home to significant places of interest invites thousands of tourists each year and infrastructural development is on its peak. The demand for prefabrication has soared to ultimate heights and with the following structures being manufactured, EPACK strives to be the force behind this progress:

  • Porta cabin
  • Prefab Site office
  • Workers accommodation
  • Solar Inverter room
  • Multi Storey Building
  • Clean Room
  • Cold Storage
  • Ripening chambers
  • Railway Shelters
  • Prefabricated Pulpits
  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Security cabin
  • Prefabricated toilet
  • Poultry shed

Why Choose EPACK

The prefabricated structures are suited to meet diverse requirements and serve vast residential, commercial and industrial applications. With EPACK offering the best prefab multi storey price, it has established itself as the top prefabricated structures suppliers in Agra. The layout and specification of each structure is finalized as per customer requirement and needs. Thus each project is customized and delivered in a systematic and professional manner with a complete focus on quality and on-time delivery. With an expertise in manufacturing prefab liftable cabins in Agra, EPACK has earned the name of the best manufacturer for re-locatable structures.

Constructed from the finest raw materials and satisfying the industry set norms and guidelines, the prefab site office shelters in Agra are an example of precise engineering and serve the best ergonomics. Following are the benefits of opting for EPACK:

  • Wall are made of PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 50 / 60mm with PPGI sheet on both sides.
  • Roof comprises of PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 30 / 40 mm or PPGI roofing sheet.
  • Doors are insulated with all accessories included.
  • Aluminum anodized sliding windows will be provided.
  • All required supporting accessories and structure will be provided.
  • Electrical fittings, sanitary fittings, beds etc will be provided as per client requirements.
  • The prefab site offices in Agra are insulated resulting to higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation
  • Dry construction, quick and easy to erect
  • Flexibility to choose various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions and requirements.
  • Flexibility of expansion and relocation
  • All weather proof construction
  • Minimal or no maintenance.