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A quick manufacturing and hassle free installation make prefabrication a perfect construction method alternative. It is a viable technique that offers innovative housing, industrial and commercial structures which are energy efficient and cost-effective. EPACK, the top prefabricated structures manufacturers in Gurgaon offers construction solutions that lead to maintenance free and durable structures. These structures are constructed using Light Gauge Steel Framing and can be installed in-situ for effective time savings.

Why Choose EPACK

Offering the best prefab porta cabin in Gurgaon, EPACK is committed to deliver ultimate precision and results that best satisfy the customer demands. The LGSF structure of prefab multi storey buildings in Gurgaon is enveloped in PUF / EPS panels that make it thermally insulated and safe from extreme weather conditions. The evolving technology, pollution free manufacturing process, lower construction costs and sustainable results lead to favoring prefabrication as the preferred method for constructing poultry sheds in Gurgaon.

The prefabricated and pre-engineered structures offer the following benefits and advantages over conventional methods:

  • A dry construction method makes it a quick and easy alternative to existent methods and assures greater time savings and efficient production process.
  • EPACK offers prefabricated pulpits in Gurgaon and other prefab utilizations that are thermally insulated and retain a constant internal temperature making them comfortable.
  • The prefab liftable cabins and security cabins are easy to relocate and transfer within locations.
  • EPACK guarantees its customers the most durable construction and design which will be suitable for all sorts of normal loads and the sturdy bearing capacity makes it safe to resist enormous weights.
  • Offering prefab acoustic enclosure in Gurgaon, EPACK engineers these structures with sound proof rockwool panels that prevent passage of sound waves into and out from the structure.
  • Options available with various finishes like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / GI with paint on one side, GI / GI with both side paint are available for all prefab structures including solar inverter rooms.

Popularly known as, “The millennium city”, Gurgaon is sprouting in infrastructural development and has emerged as a planned city with dynamic urban growth and industrialization. Gurgaon is a glaring example of rapid urbanization and inevitable infrastructure growth. Thus to cater its requisites for a speeded up development, EPACK being the top prefabricated structures suppliers in Gurgaon offers innovative solutions and prefab offerings that make the best structures for the right purpose.