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Prefabrication is a viable construction alternative to any civil structure and is a timeless technique to assure great energy savings and cost effectiveness in the process. Yielding highly durable and rigid structures, the process is being standardized as the conventional method for constructing porta cabin in Noida, railway shelters, prefab cold storages in Noida, multi storey buildings and a lot of other modular structures. Noida has emerged as the top residential destination in the national capital region and with unhindered scopes for development, infrastructure and civil constructions never seize. Prefabricated structures in Noida could offer undeniable benefits as an alternate construction method and serve as the best support structure for prefab workers accommodation in Noida, prefabricated site office and site infrastructure.


EPACK has gained a vast expertise and market reputation as the top prefabricated structures manufacturers in India and with a dedicated workforce of the best designers, engineers and architects deliver customer specific results that are unmatched in the sector. We manufacture the best light gauge steel framed structures in Noida that serve the benefits of lifetime durability and with cost effective construction help reduce the expenses and resources as well. The best acoustic enclosures manufacturers in Noida offers complete turnkey solutions ranging from designing, fabrication, production till installation. Our meticulous research and ergonomic structures provide the best comfort for occupants. These prefab buildings are constructed in half of the time or less as compared to conventional construction.

  • Porta cabin
  • Prefab Site office
  • Workers accommodation
  • Solar Inverter room
  • Multi Storey Building
  • Clean Room
  • Cold Storage
  • Ripening chambers
  • Railway Shelters
  • Prefabricated Pulpits
  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Security cabin
  • Prefabricated toilet
  • Poultry shed

Why Choose EPACK

The prefab site buildings in Noida are quick and easy to erect. EPACK is a complete turnkey solutions provider for the best prefabricated cold storage structures and prefab railway shelters. Every step in the manufacturing process is an array of perfection and thus results in an unmatched product. While designing and manufacturing prefab site infrastructure and other structures, factors like natural daylight and proper ventilation for fresh air are considered to deliver the best ergonomics and comfort.