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With infrastructure development booming to newer heights, the demands and scope of prefabricated structures in Pune is vast. Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and a major corporate and industrial hub. The flexible utilization of alternate construction techniques has opened a newer dimension and is reimagining the way cities are growing. EPACK is the top prefabricated structures manufacturers in Pune and offers a wide range of construction solutions that have utilization in diverse sectors.
EPACK offers a wide range of prefabricated building structures in Pune that are a major up-gradation to the age old construction techniques and offer quick and reliable solutions. Following are the applications of prefabricated construction in Pune:

  • Portable cabins
  • Prefab site office buildings in Pune
  • Acoustic enclosures
  • Prefabricated pulpits
  • Prefab clean rooms and cold storages in Pune
  • Workers accommodation

The best prefabricated structures company in Pune employs the best construction methods and with the expertise of engineers and design staff is able to derive unique solutions that are a market preference and a viable choice for major industries.

Why Choose EPACK

The level of expertise and innovative technology incorporated by prefabricated structures supplier in Pune is second to none and with an assurance of unmatched efficiency and energy savings from a faultless design, the following benefits are to be availed:

  • The structures are manufactured from fireproof and water resistant materials making them extremely safe and reliable.
  • The durability of materials and strength from high grade composites yields structures that are literally capable to serve for a lifetime.
  • The portable cabins in Pune are light enough to be transferred across locations and also strong to resist vast loads.