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Prefabricated Structures

Porta cabin
Superior quality, ease of installation and extended service life

Prefab Site office
An ideal choice for mobile offices and crew cabins

Workers accomodation
Robust construction and longer service life to safely house manpower

Solar Inverter room
Safely store your precious equipment

Multi Storey Building
A safe haven for purposeful applications

Clean Room
A safe and sterile environment for manufcturing and scientific research

Cold Storage
Unmatched cooling performance for effective storage

Ripening chambers
Empowering commercial fruit industry with innovative solutions

Railway Shelters
Structurally integral and aesthetically appealing shelters

Prefabricated Pulpits
Expert engineering solutions that create a difference

Prefabricated Pulpits
Expert engineering solutions that create a difference

Poultry shed
Expert engineering solutions that create a difference

Pre Engineered Building

An effective storage destination with hassle free construction

Industrial Shed
Durable and efficient construction for heavy-duty applications

Factory Building
A feasible construction solution for industrial applications

Industrial Enclosures
A safe haven for valuable industrial equipment!

Sandwich panels

Puf panel
Lightweight, energy-efficient and durable panels

EPS panel
A breakthrough insulation innovation

Rockwool panel
Efficient, safe and durable insulation solutions

Glasswool Panel
Safe and sound building solutions


Prefab Homes
Lightweight and ergonomic homes with high energy savingss

Sample Flat
Speedy construction, better aesthetics and lightweight structure

Prefab School
A durable, ergonomic and comfortable abode for limitless applications

Prefab Villa
Simple and sensible housing construction solutions

Standard Modular Solution

Smart and energy-efficient housing solutions

Liftable Cabin
Lightweight, durable and portable prefab enclosures

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