Preservation through refrigeration is an important part of food industry. Every food service manager understands that time and temperature have great role in the growth and spread of contamination in food, affecting its quality and safety standards.

To provide effective refrigeration, several companies have come up with highly evolved technologies to provide different type of freezers. These freezers vary in their design, quality, capacity and inbuilt features. Choosing one for your purpose, you must need to know its efficiency and capacity first of all.

Based on different features, the wide varieties of freezers available in the market are:

  • Blast freezers
  • Plate freezers
  • Spiral freezers
  • Immersion freezers
  • Carton freezers

Among these freezing through blast freezer is the most effective way of preserving food and that too safe and quick. These freezers are designed to drop the temperature rapidly thus making them suitable for food preparation companies, school canteens, restaurants or for back room storage of food stores.

A blast freezer can chill food from cooking temperatures which is around to +70oC to -18oC within 240 minutes. As the temperature in this freezer drops quickly, they can freeze food with smaller ice crystals thus causing lesser damage. Once the food is frozen, you can transfer them to conventional freezer to keep them in frozen condition till it reaches customers.

Working mechanism: These freezers generally have a conveyer belt which is made up of perforated stainless steel. This belt carries food to be frozen. There are electric fans mounted over the conveyer circulating chilled air through the perforations over the products.

Apart from the quick freezing, the blast freezer offers the advantage of incredibly low contamination. This means, if you immediately put the food into freezer after cooking, there will be no contamination at all.

Before picking up or ordering any blast freezer, you must make sure about the type of blast freezer, you need to purchase and that depends on the size and sophistication of your operation. If yours is a small kitchen with limited type and quantity of food, you can do with the smaller and simple cabinet while large companies which require freezing of different products must go for big blast freezer.

Thanks to this modern invention of blast freezers, the heightened risk of bacterial multiplying has been significantly reduced as food legislation requires food to be cooled and freeze as quickly as possible. Being quick, safe, efficient and cost effective is an essential part of any commercial food organization.