Job Description


A Content Writer, or Content Creator, is responsible for creating a high-quality, informational content to promote our brand, products or services. his duties include researching and writing content for various platforms, optimising content for search engines and collaborating with other teams like Marketing, designers and developers to ensure that the content aligns with the company’s brand message.

Job Description

Content Writer Duties And Responsibilities

Content Writers create engaging written material like blog posts, articles, social media posts, etc., reflecting their client’s brand voice. Here are some of their duties and responsibilities:

  • Researching and writing high-quality content like product descriptions, user manuals, website content, etc.
  • Optimizing content for search engines using keywords, meta tags, and other SEO techniques
  • Collaborating with other teams like Marketing, designers and developers to align content with the company’s brand
  • Measuring the content’s success by tracking KPIs like website traffic and conversions
  • Creating and executing a content calendar
  • Reviewing, editing, and proofreading content

Content Writer