Sandwich Panels
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Breakthrough innovation from light-weight and durable panels

EPACK Prefab, India’s top sandwich panel manufacturer, provides a wide range of compact insulating panels suitable for various industries including agriculture, offices, healthcare facilities, cold storage units, and warehouses.

Being a composite structure, a sandwich panel consists of two layers of metal surfaces usually separated by a non-metallic core material. Combining the best benefits of high structural rigidity and low weight, sandwich panels offer an innovative enveloping solution and make for a perfect building facade or roof.

Sandwich Panels Products

Puf Panel

PUF Panels

Ideal for diverse applications, PUF panels consist of a stiff core sandwiched between sheet steel structural boards. PUF-insulated sandwich panels incorporate joists and studs, insulation, vapor, and also air barriers.

Eps Panel

EPS Panels

Widely applied in building and construction industry, EPACK Prefab offers a comprehensive range of EPS Insulated Panels. These panels are best used for structures such as food processing centres, industrial roofing structures

Acoustic Rockwool Panels

Rockwool Panel

The USP Rockwool insulation panels is fire protection properties that it has to offer. EPACK Prefab Rockwool panels comprise of core rockwool layer insulation sandwiched between two pre-painted galvanized steel

Glasswool Panel

Glass Wool Panels

Glass Wool Panels are outstanding fire-resistant panels suitable for a wide range of construction applications. These panels are manufactured from non-flammable glass fibers, effectively preventing the spread of fire.

Sandwich panels have high insulation properties.


These panels obtain their name as “sandwich” because the core insulation layer is sandwiched between two metal sheets. The core layer supports the outer layers, thus leading to a composite block with high structural strength. Other than the insulation properties and structural strength, sandwich panels are also widely used for since they are lightweight and affordable. These panels are easy to install and durable construction ensures that they serve you for lifetime without any glitch.

The core layer is the element that has insulation properties. It helps retain room temperature, having the outside heat radiated off the walls. Due to this reason, insulated sandwich panels are widely used in office buildings, portable site offices, factories and other industrial enclosures where there is human activity. It keeps the environment warm and snug. Also, buildings with these panels installed help you save on electricity costs that is otherwise incurred from running air conditioners to keep the interior cool.

Features of prefabricated sandwich panels

prefabricated sandwich panels features

The noteworthy features of prefabricated sandwich panels which offer it vast benefits have been listed as follows:

  • Sandwich panels offer excellent thermal insulation and acoustic insulation properties
  • Offering a leak proof construction and isolating properties, sandwich panels are very energy efficient
  • The top sandwich panel supplier EPACK Prefab offers an effective alternative to masonry with its Structural Insulation Panel (SIP)
  • The sandwich panels are resistant to flames, corrosion, termites, physical impact and fungus
  • These composite panels are easy to install and have very low maintenance requirements
  • Low thermal conductivity helps in high energy savings and maintains a desired temperature

Manufactured in compliance with the standard industrial norms and guidelines, the sandwich panels on offer provide Uncompromised quality and satisfy vast commercial applications. The high quality raw materials used in the making, gives the panels a commendable structure, superior strength and extraordinarily long life. Sandwich panels are widely used for building roofs and walls in several industries and commercial structures.

The dimensional requirements and layout design are tailored as per customer requirements and EPACK Prefab focus on quality and on-time delivery has earned it a reputation of being the best prefabricated structures manufacturers. The flexible construction offers endless possibilities for application and innovative production solutions make them highly energy efficient and comfortable for residence.

EPACK  Prefab has over 24 years of experience in manufacturing of prefabricated structures. We have worked for the most blue chip companies, having successfully completed projects all across India. Our transport and delivery network is spread across major cities, industrial hubs and remote locations as well.