Modular Prefab Site Offices for Quick & Easy Setup

Prefab Site Office
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EPACK Prefab manufactures several types of range of modular prefab site office with PUF insulated panels / EPS insulated panels / Light gauge steel framing (LGSF) solution in-house. In an era where time is money, EPACK’s prefab office is a viable solution as it is quick and easy to erect.

We offer the complete turnkey solutions for prefabricated site office under one roof starting from designing, fabrication, production and installation.

Moreover these prefab cabins are constructed with insulated panels and thus are best suited for adverse climatic conditions

The method of construction with prefabrication takes upto 40 percent lesser time than brick and mortar. Building components are manufactured offsite and carried to the job site for assembling and installation. So the completion timeline is not affected by changing weather conditions or othervariables which are frequently related to traditional construction.

EPACK Prefab Group has made site offices for the most blue chip companies in India across all industries. Our products are known for their quality, cost effectiveness and durability. We make all kinds of site offices big and small, that are sturdy and portable at the same time.

Prefab Site Office Manufacturer

Best-in-class prefab site office features

  • Custom Built and pre-engineered construction with PUF Insulated Panels / EPS Insulated Panels / Light Gauge Steel Structures.
  • Walls of different heights with sturdy and strong structure are manufactured.
  • Lightweight panels are easy to lift and erect at any height on the roof for extension purpose.
  • Large view glasses are possible to be fixed with the insulated panel doors without any extra support.
  • Fixing of smoke detectors, fire fighting equipments, AC’s is possible for better safety and comfort.
Modular Prefab Site Office

Why Choose ‘EPACK Prefab’ Site Offices?

  • The prefabricated building structures from EPACK Prefab are sturdy and durable to withstand extreme conditions and serve best ergonomics.
  • These buildings are insulated which leads to higher energy savings and better comfort.
  • Dry construction, quick and easy to erect.
  • Flexibility to select more than one options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions and requirements.
  • Flexibility of expansion and relocation with modular structure.
  • Weather proof construction and excellent thermal insulation.

Flexible design for endless applications

The top prefab site office manufacturer in India – EPACK Prefab, has a commitment for quality and perfection and each product supplied speaks volumes of innovation. The flexible construction paves way for limitless applications, some of which have been discussed as follows:

  • Modular site offices
  • Construction site office cabins
  • Temporary office cabins for events
  • Prefab sales office
  • Marketing offices
  • Prefabricated multi-storey buildings

Benefits from EPACK Prefab

  • The prefab site offices are insulated resulting to higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation.
  • Dry construction, quick and easy to erect.
  • Flexibility to choose various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions and requirements.
  • Flexibility of expansion and relocation.
  • All weather proof construction.