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Railway Shelters
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EPACK Prefab, manufactures a vast range of railway and telecom shelters We are not just involved in manufacturing, but also export these shelters to Middle East, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and African countries.

EPACK Prefab, the top railway shelters manufacturer provides completely independent and dependable complete options for cutting-edge telecom/ train shelters. Our technological and design effectiveness has actually approved us know-how in producing light weight and also long lasting prefabricated railway shelters for diverse requirements of the industry.

These shelters are appropriate to hold up against rough weather problems and also secure innovative telecom devices from moisture, air as well as dirt. The prefab shelters are mobile and light weight to make certain very easy on-site installation. These shelters verify to be an affordable service and can also be personalized as per customer requirements.

At EPACK Prefab, we provide complete turnkey solution as per customer requirements for prefabricated railway shelters.

Prefabricated Railway Shelter


Made with superior quality materials for structural elements and also shielded panels, every prefabricated railway shelter produced by EPACK Prefab can be customized to abide by any specs given by the client. The main features of the prefab railway shelters are as follows:

  • High thermal resistance
  • Reinforced ceiling panels / floor panels
  • Additional roof to provide slope
  • Complete security
  • Air and water tight to achieve IP54 level protection
  • Long life with zero maintenance
  • 3 Way lock and stainless steel hinges
  • Torque groove configuration with in-built cam locks for more strength
Prefab Shelters Manufacturers


The production technology integrated by EPACK Prefab, the leading prefab shelters manufacturers in India is a range of precise procedure as well as careful engineering remedies. Being in high demand, these shelters are mainly developed for the railway  market and with a myriad of benefits to offer, are the best options for such demands. The remarkable choice of materials and an outstanding manufacturing process grant these sanctuaries extended solution span as well as make them able to withstand extreme weather and also environmental problems. The framework available is completely outfitted to safeguard any type of costly devices as well as machinery from dampness, dirt and also rust.

Prefabricated Shelters


The durable building and also ergonomic layout makes prefabricated shelters a favourite choice for short-lived or irreversible shed construction and also with numerous benefits, are a requisite for the following applications:

  • Railway Shelter
  • BTS Shelter
  • Telecom Shelter
  • Signaling Huts
  • Temporary shelters

Benefits from EPACK Prefab

The technical and engineering proficiency of EPACK Prefab, the top manufacturers of prefab railway shelters makes them a favourite choice for obtaining the best shelters and the affordable prices give them an edge over the competition. EPACK Prefab has a reputation for on-time delivery and installation.

The technological and also engineering effectiveness of EPACK Prefab, the leading suppliers of prefab railway shelters makes them a favored selection for obtaining the very best shelters and the affordable rates provide an edge over the competitors. EPACK Prefab has an reputation for on-time shipment as well as installation. Following are the advantages of railway shelters prefabricated from the top quality materials:

  • Being constructed for outdoor purposes, the shelters are 100% waterproof
  • They are averse to corrosion and adverse weather conditions
  • Prefabricated railway shelters are lightweight, making them easy to be moved around
  • These shelters have a high load bearing capacity and are built with structural elements that make them very durable
  • The shelters are maintenance free and guarantee extended service