Glasswool Panel
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Safe and sound building solutions

Glass Wool Panels are outstanding fire-resistant panels suitable for a wide range of construction applications. These panels are manufactured from non-flammable glass fibers, effectively preventing the spread of fire.

As a leading glass wool manufacturer in India, EPACK Prefab boasts substantial expertise in producing top-of-the-line panels that offer exceptional thermal insulation.

EPACK Prefab produces the finest Glass Wool Panels, crafted from high-quality non-flammable glass fibers. Cost-effective and durable, glass wool serves as an excellent insulating material and acts as a barrier against the spread of fire.

Glass wool panels are highly durable and utilized in commercial buildings, acoustic enclosures, and soundproof chambers designed to control noise. With superb thermal insulation properties and excellent fire resistance capabilities, they are the preferred choice for industrial and commercial use.

EPACK Prefab is a leading manufacturer of Glasswool Panels in India, with our own state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Our panels undergo rigorous quality checks before being rolled out.

Glasswool Panel Features

Manufactured from the most effective grade raw material, EPACK Prefab’s Glasswool Panels can serve as a secure application for building construction, sheds, and prefabricated structures for domestic and also commercial structures.

The following product attributes make EPACK Prefab the very best choice for glass wool panel distributors in India:

  • Fire resistance: The core insulating material of glass wool panels is inflammable and can hold fire from spreading. Thus it is the preferred choice for fire-resistant constructions.
  • Sound absorption: Glass wool panels absorb sound as the core structure comprises porous air pockets, thus making it one of the most preferred choice for acoustic enclosure.
  • Anti-corrosive properties: EPACK Prefab, the commendable manufacturer of glass wool panels provides products which have the capacity to preserve original form and shape. Being an inorganic substance, chances of wear and tear are very little to negligible. Glasswool panels are known for their durability and the ability to resist shock and vibrations.

Glasswool panel manufacturing technology

Intended for use in commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and temporary constructions, the glass wool panels must be manufactured as per the highest standards of quality and efficiency. EPACK Prefab, the top notch glasswool panel manufacturer and supplier incorporates the best techniques in its production process and ensures that its customers receive unmatched products that are an example of performance and efficiency. The flexible manufacturing process results in a perfect solution for every application and serves effective benefits with its precision and high quality construction.

Wide range applications of glass wool panels

Glasswool panels from EPACK Prefab are a perfect envelope for building roofs, HVAC system insulations, wall facets, ductwork, etc… Glass wool panels can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • Fireproofing

Why Choose EPACK Prefab?

Being a notable manufacturer and vendor of the very best glass wool panels in India, EPACK Prefab has forged a formidable credibility as the top Glass Wool Panel Company that offers unrivaled top quality of products and also highest criteria in performance.

The manufacturing procedure satisfies worldwide high quality norms and each product offers a testimony to the business principles of accuracy as well as excellence.

To get glass wool panels, EPACK Prefab is the location of selection with a wide variety of insulation and composite paneling services that offer the best function anywhere meant.

Common queries

EPACK Prefab manufactures the top glass wool panels that have a water absorption volume percentage of less than 2%. These panels have a service temperature range from -50oC to +250oC. These attributes make them the best choice for thermal insulating panels.

The glass wool panels can be an effective choice for roof and ceiling envelop. With great benefits, they cater to insulation requirements and lead to higher energy savings while serving a leak proof enclosure.

EPACK Prefab has earned a formidable reputation for being the optimum choice for insulating panel manufacturer and supplier. With a team of expert designers and engineers, EPACK guarantees its customers high performance from its products with low energy consumption.