Prefabricated Multi Storey Buildings for Multipurpose Usage

Multi Storey Building
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Prefabricated Multi Storey Buildings Ideal for varied applications, EPACK Prefab offers a large range of modular prefab multi-storey buildings with PUF/EPS-protected panels and also light gauge steel framing (LGSF) structures.

We offer the perfect solution for multi-storey prefab structures with well-developed architectural structures with a factor to consider the seismic zone, wind tons, dead load, and all various other design criteria. Being the leading supplier of multi-storey buildings in India, EPACK Prefab supplies complete turnkey options for multi-storey structure design under one roofing, beginning with developing, manufacturing, production as well as setup. Furthermore, these structures are built with protected panels to suit the severe environmental problems.

These structures are best matched for commercial projects, office spaces, and office blocks where land space is restricted. Epack Prefab manufactures PEB and LGSF technologies for construction strength and is finished with fire-rated paint for fireproofing.

Our expertise lies in technology integration for varied requirements of multi-storey buildings. To bring about a trade-off between fast construction, quality, and cost, requires specialized expertise which EPACK Prefab is equipped with at all times.



Multi-storey buildings have multiple features that meet the end-to-end requirements of various applications which ensures structural stability.

Here are some of the common features of prefabricated multi-storey buildings.

Practical Design 

  1. Very well engineered for vertical expansion while focusing on load-bearing capability
  2. Steel frames for strength and longevity

Foundational Structure

  1. Piles or piers are the deep foundations which is used to support a building’s weight

Fire Safety

  1. Fire-resistant materials incorporated to adhere to safety standards

Earthquake Proof

  1. Very well engineered with earthquake-proof materials to bear seismic forces in earthquake-prone areas

Service Based

  1. Has adaptability towards water, electricity, and gas provisions along with proper waste disposal system

Well Planned Spacing

  1. Perfect space utilization with floor layout for different department
  2. Flexible floor plan for various uses

Energy Efficient

  1. Focuses on natural light and ventilation

Aesthetics and Exterior Design

  1. Design that complements the surroundings and meets regulations
  2. Use of sustainable materials

Equipped with Building Management Systems (BMS)

  1. Smart building technologies for the management of energy, security, and other provisions

Easy to Maintain

  1. Easy to maintain with long-term durability


Widely used for construction sites and off-site projects,  the prefabricated double-storey building is a quick solution to set up commercial and office spaces and with innovative technology incorporated by EPACK Prefab, these structures are being utilized for more diverse applications. Precise design and a meticulous production process ensure the best structures and with the dedicated approach of the technical staff, every possible factor is considered and the building is granted a higher resistance to load, wind, corrosion, and degradation.

A pre-engineered and prefabricated multi-storey building is a unique solution for a wide range of applications and can suit varying customer demands. A sturdy construction and ergonomic design makes these structures favorable for the following applications:

Applications of prefab multi-story building in India

A pre-engineered and prefabricated multi-storey building is a unique solution for a wide range of applications and can suit varying customer demands. A sturdy construction and ergonomic design makes these structures favorable for the following applications:

Construction sites

  • Site accommodation
  • Marketing structures

Emergency accommodation

  • Control rooms
  • Disaster management shelters
  • Emergency accommodation

Educational buildings

  • Classrooms
  • Teaching blocks
  • Workshops and laboratories
  • Outdoor recreational buildings


  • Catering units
  • First aid posts
  • Offices


  • Emergency health centers
  • Voluntary clinics
  • Re-locatable wards


  • Prefab office building
  • Small and medium scale business accommodations

Storage buildings

  • Warehouses
  • Godowns

Benefits from EPACK Prefab

  • The prefab double-story structures are insulated thus resulting in higher energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions
  • Dry construction, quick and easy to erection
  • Flexibility to choose various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions and requirements
  • Flexibility of expansion and re-location
  • All weather proof construction