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EPACK Prefab being the top prefabricated site facilities maker in India provides a wide range of prefab structure structures covered in PUF protected panels/ EPS insulated panels with Light gauge steel framework (LGSF) framework.

The prefab site structures are quick and also easy to set up. EPACK Prefab is a total turnkey services provider for the best modular website office frameworks and also prefab tools chambers. Every action in the manufacturing process is an array of perfection and also hence leads to an unrivalled item.

While designing and producing prefab website framework aspects like natural daytime as well as proper air flow for fresh air are taken into consideration. Every prefabricated website framework is wrapped up in thermally insulated PUF/ EPS panels making them ideal for negative climate condition while serving the best convenience and also functional designs.

Our site infrastructure solutions include site offices, security cabins, prefabricated toilets, disinfectant chambers and so on.

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Best-in-class Prefab site infrastructure features

  • Long lasting construction to withstand adverse weather conditions and be suitable for heavy duty purposes.
  • Limitless scope for construction of desired specifications in design and dimensions.
  • Custom designed and pre-engineered buildings with PUF Insulated Panels / EPS Insulated panels / Light gauge steel structures as required.
  • Light weight construction and very durable structural integrity makes these prefab structures easy to be lifted and relocated across sites.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy panels are easy to lift and erect at any height on the roof for extension purpose.


EPACK Prefab being the top prefab site infrastructure manufacturer in India has a dedication for quality and perfection and each product supplied speaks volumes of precision and innovation. The flexible construction paves way for limitless applications and a few have been stated as follows:

  • Prefab Labour accomodation
  • Modular site offices
  • Prefab site equipment housing
  • Prefab sales office
  • Construction site office cabins
  • Temporary office cabins for events
  • Marketing offices
  • Prefabricated construction site canteens