Sustainable and versatile Alternatives to Traditional Construction

Prefab Building
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Lightweight, durable, re-locatable, economic and energy efficient, prefabricated structures and buildings are in huge demand and have been the favoured alternative to conventional construction methods of late. With a wide range of benefits and advantages, prefab buildings serve every function of traditional structures and offer added benefits. EPACK Prefab prefabricated structures are a convenient solution for a wide range of applications and being a dry construction production process, are a quick alternative.

Structurally held by the highest grade of steel frames and enveloped in insulated panels, EPACK Prefab, the top prefabricated structure manufacturer offer innovative solutions for off-site building construction and easy installation on-site. The sturdy construction and supreme rigidity of modular buildings makes them earthquake resistant, weather proof, leak proof and able to withstand any adverse conditions.

Prefabricated Lobbey Building

It’s our prefabricated buildings that make living spaces come to life!

When it comes to aesthetics of a prefabricated building, it depends on the credibility of the structural designer. Every pre engineered or prefabricated building can be accessories for added aesthetic appeal. At EPACK Prefab, once the design is ready, it is fed into the computerised production line. Thereafter, the process is automated. This increases efficiency, maintains consistency and helps improve overall quality of the product. The pre-made structures are then transported to the construction site for installation and assembly.

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Construct your building faster by 60 percent with prefabrication

The process of prefabrication is 60 percent faster than traditional construction. We use modern equipment which is fully automated and requires minimal human intervention, thus bringing about precision and accuracy. The prefabricated structures we manufacture make a significant contribution to the construction site project, due to its durability. That’s the unique selling proposition of all our products, besides fast construction time.

Prefabricated Structures Products

Prefab Site Office1

Prefabricated Site Infrastructure

EPACK Prefab being the top prefabricated site facilities maker in India provides a wide range of prefab structures in PUF insulated panels/ EPS insulated panels with Light gauge steel framework (LGSF) framework.

Prefab Site Office

Prefab Site Office

EPACK Prefab offers a wide range of modular prefab site office with PUF insulated panels / EPS insulated panels / Light gauge steel framing (LGSF) solution.

Labor Hutment

Labor Hutment

EPACK Prefab is one of the pioneers in manufacturing and installation of prefab structures like staff accommodation, worker accommodation, labor hutments, etc.

Control Room

Control Room

EPACK Prefab provides modular control pulpits with PUF insulated panels and accommodates the needs of different industrial sectors like steel plants, furnace locations, thawing shops, mine locations, bulk product managing areas, nuclear power plant, and so on.

Ripening Chambers

Ripening Chambers

Ripening chambers are required mostly at various food handling and preservation devices. Depending upon the details demand, we provide fruit ripening chambers that are suitable for numerous sorts of buildings.

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic enclosures are one of the most crucial structures utilized to stop the radiation of sound from source to an outside area. These amazing frameworks are likewise valuable in stopping exterior sounds

Security Cabin

Portable Security Guard Cabins

EPACK Prefab is a top manufacturer of Prefabricated Security Cabins and Guard Rooms. These modular security guard cabins, made with strong panels (PUF Panels or EPS Panels) for protection, are among the highest quality items available nationwide.

Clean Room

Clean Room

EPACK Prefab is the most effective modular clean-room manufacturer supplies clean room building and construction with PUF/ EPS insulated panels.

Prefabricated Toilet

Prefabricated Toilet

Portable Toilets are a significant demand for a wide range of applications as well as discover short-term usage for numerous functions. Mobile erected commodes are the basic requirement of remote areas.

Poultry Shed

Poultry Shed

The applications of prefab engineering are endless. With substantial advantages, premade frameworks have become a feasible alternative to traditional building methods and also offer added benefits.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Porta Cabins Manufacturer & Supplier

Portable Cabins don’t come better than the ones from EPACK Prefab, the top portable cabin manufacturer in India. These portable buildings are the most convenient solution for a myriad of onsite requirements

Railway Shelters

Railway Shelters

EPACK Prefab manufactures a vast range of railway and telecom shelters. We are not just involved in manufacturing, but also export these shelters to Middle East, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and African countries.

Cold Room

Cold Storage Manufacturer

Do you recognize 40-50 percent of India’s fresh produce goes waste due to poor cold chain or insufficient cold store Structure, which deserves a loss of USD 440 billion yearly?

The Benefits of Prefabricated Structures

The beneficial features from prefabricated structures manufacturers in India which offer breakthrough innovative solutions have been provided as follows:

  • High tolerance, corrosion resistance and durability are the praised features of prefabricated structures
  • Dimensional accuracy of the structure is guaranteed and the end product will exceed client expectations
  • Prefabricated structures offer quick erection times and installation possibilities at sites that are unsuitable for conventional construction processes
  • Adequate insulation of these buildings helps maintain a 5-7 °c temperature difference
  • Quick production and installation times are a promise by EPACK Prefab , the best prefabricated structures suppliers in India
  • The prefab buildings are acknowledged for their sturdiness and extended service life.

The dimensional requirements and layout design are tailored as per customer requirements and EPACK Prefab focus on quality and on-time delivery has earned it a reputation of being the best prefabricated structures manufacturers. The flexible construction offers endless possibilities for application and innovative production solutions make them highly energy efficient and comfortable for residence.