An Effective Noise Insulation Solution for Industrial Setup

Acoustic Enclosures
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Acoustic enclosures are one of the most crucial structures utilized to stop the radiation of sound from source to an outside area. These amazing frameworks are likewise valuable in stopping exterior sounds from permeating interior spaces.

EPACK Prefab being the leading Sound Proof Cabin Manufacturer offers complete acoustic solutions even for the most demanding applications. Enveloped in high quality acoustic panels, these complete or partial enclosures for sound devices grant with a silent production location.

Reducing the sound emanating from machines or other commercial procedures, the sound proof cabin efficiently obstructs a major percent of undesirable noise and also offers a calm atmosphere also in the most requiring areas.

Acoustic panels with sound showing properties greatly cut-off a big portion of audio intensity and make desired room comfortable for employees and staff members, as this is the primary purpose of these rooms.

Sound Proof Enclosures


The sound proof enclosures offer the following features:

  • High efficiency
  • Restrict sounds from entering or exiting
  • Long functional life
  • The innovative and efficient design of the acoustic enclosure ensure their optimal effectiveness
  • These are ideal for use in industries operating air compressors, diesel and gas generators, metal cutting machines etc.
  • These have a long shelf life and require minimal maintenance

Manufacturing Technology

As the focal point of these rooms is to provide resistance from sounds and create a calm interior atmosphere, they utilize acoustic panels with sound showing residential or commercial properties that significantly cut-off a major section of audio intensity and also make wanted room comfy for workers as well as staff members.

EPACK Prefab has a cutting-edge manufacturing unit where insulated sandwich panels with PU/EPS and Rockwool as insulating core are manufactured. We follow all the quality as well as safety guidelines throughout of producing a selection of sound proof enclosures and also associated products.

Industrial and Commercial Applications

Manufactured from superior grade raw materials, the sound proof enclosures from EPACK Prefab ensure optimum noise deadening for the following applications:

  • Indoor installation of portable sound proof room for industrial and workshop application is widespread
  • Workshop installation to shield from machining noises
  • Can be used in recording studios
  • Application for radiator and heat exchanger engines
  • Sound proof enclosures for manufacturing and production facilities
  • Portable sound proof cabins are best suited for metal workshop and automobile workshops as example

Benefits from EPACK Prefab

Whether you are searching for acoustic rooms or sound evidence rooms, EPACK Prefab — the leading acoustic units manufacturer fulfills your requirement by brining one of the most cutting-edge systems as well as liftable cabinets that will undoubtedly fit your budget plan as well as provide a peaceful working environment. We at EPACK Prefab have actually brought to you numerous services and support for premade structures, chilly areas, clean spaces, acoustic enclosures and also for numerous other items in the very same domain name.

Main motive of EPACK Prefab is to offer you the very best units and panels that are specifically created to fulfill your specific requirements for sound evidence cabins.