EPACK Prefab Mi Homes: Portable, Efficient and Versatile Flatpack Structures for Multiple Applications

Mi Homes
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EPACK Prefab Mi Homes are a Flatpack kit that is built on efficiently developed frameworks based on IS code. It is surrounded by insulated EPS Panels that can be promptly set up to develop structures for different applications like tiny to tool sized clinics, commode blocks, guard rooms, calamity relief camps. etc.

Each component produces a small space that can either be utilized as a standalone structure which fits up to 4 people or linked with various other components (consisting of a cooking area, bathroom, hall and so on) to develop a range of self-contained housing, industrial and also an industrial option.

The style of EPACK Prefab Mi Houses are so small that a set of 24 Flat pack can be conveniently loaded in a conventional delivery container for moving by Roadway, Rail, Sea or Air.

Mi-Homes have numerous uses as temporary shelters and are well recognised as the most mobile constructions. Being lightweight and portable, they are highly recommendable for site infra purposes.

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  • DIY Kit
  • Eco Friendly
Corporate Offices


Mi-Homes have a multifarious applications as temporary shelters and are widely adopted as the best re-locatable structures It has enormous benefits that popularize their utilization in the following:

  • Small to Medium size clinics
  • School buildings
  • Corporate Offices
  • Community Halls
  • Toilet Block/Ablution
  • Disaster Relief Camp
  • Military Camps
  • Multipurpose Buildings