A feasible construction solution for industrial applications

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EPACK Prefab is widely reputed as the top prefabricated buildings manufacturing company that executes all the aspects of construction – production, assembly, installation and maintenance of the same. Prefab factory buildings are extensively deployed for constructing offices, testing facilities, warehouses and special work sites in factories.

With quick installation timelines and flexible design layouts to choose from, prefab factory steel buildings are suitable for various client requirements and can be structured as per the available land space. Being purported as the top industrial building manufacturers in India, EPACK Prefab has formed an indomitable reputation as top notch manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated building solutions.

Factory buildings made of prefabrication are quick to erect. It takes nearly fifty percent lesser time than traditional brick and mortar construction. This new construction technology is thus among the most preferred choice for industrial construction these days.

These are well-designed framework structures, taking into account the seismic zone, wind load, and dead load, among others. EPACK Prefab is a provider of turnkey solutions for PEB structures, including design, fabrication, manufacture, and installation.

We are one of the premium manufacturers of prefabricated factory buildings in India. We cater to all industries. Have a look at our product portfolio for details.

Long lasting and Cost-effective prefab factory building features

With high quality raw materials deployed, prefabricated steel structure factory from EPACK Prefab has a name in the market for being the best offering among the competition with the following features:

  • The rough skeletal structure of the factory building is fabricated from highest quality steel
  • Precise and accurate manufacturing leads to exact dimensional accuracy of the resulted structure
  • Aesthetic appeal PUF / EPS panels offer great insulation benefits while being aesthetically appealing
  • The prefab steel structure factory can be setup in the least possible timeframe and serves lifetime applications
  • The structure of factory buildings is made to be earthquake resistant. It is safe for high wind loads and is fire resistant as well

Prefab factory building manufacturing technology

With a meticulous and precise production process, EPACK Prefab offers the best prefab factory construction technology and a sturdy structure of the same designed with rigid load bearing columns, beams, trusses, joists and Purlin. Through cold formed structural steel material and offsite constructed structural elements, the prefabricated factory buildings offer unmatched durability and an long service life. With multiple options for roof and wall cladding, the factory buildings offer a satisfying ergonomic space and cater to vast commercial and industrial requirements.



EPACK Prefab being the top industrial building manufacturers in India has over two decades of manufacturing experience. Thus, the organisation understands the multifarious applications of these prefab structures. We offer solutions that are one of its kind, innovative, energy efficient and in accordance with the highest standards in the construction industry. The building structures manufactured are best suited for the following industrial applications:

  • Factory production plants
  • Industrial enclosures
  • Warehouses
  • Testing facilities
  • Quality control and inspection area enclosures
  • Prefabricated manufacturing centers

Why Choose EPACK Prefab?

EPACK Prefab is an industry leading factory building manufacturing company with a profound client reputation built over the years. Our turnkey approach helps deliver the best solutions out there for re-locatable buildingsand semi-permanent enclosures which has earned us a name among the top prefab factory building suppliers in India. The durability and expansion flexibility of these structures are the top benefits attributed to innovative design and leads to a longer service life.

Following are the advantages these prefabricated steel structure factory buildings offer:

  • Lightweight construction structure and toughness makes them the most feasible for environments with changing weather conditions.
  • EPACK Prefab builds prefabricated factory buildings that are thermally insulated and cater to energy consumption requirements.
  • Modular factory buildings offer great scope for expansion and modifications attributed to their flexible design
  • PEB sheds have widespread usage across multiple industries for storage, workshops, logistics, warehouse etc.
  • Constructed from high grade basic material
  • Used for constructing large covered areas
  • Cost competitive and designed to suit particular industrial needs