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Reduction in cost and flexibility of design are the prime requisites of any structural construction and are definitive of its efficiency. A well laid out architectural plan serves the best purpose and is a success in both aesthetic and ergonomic terms. EPACK has been delivering the highest level of innovative technology and precision engineering and offers the leading standard modular solutions for a myriad of construction types. Easy to install and lightweight structure makes prefabricated modular buildings highly desirable and serve an effective alternative to conventional construction methods.

As one size cannot fit all needs, the design team at EPACK creats perfect construction layouts that comply with the highest industry standards and are a unique solution to vast customer requirements. Prefabricated modular solutions offer off-site construction and a hassle free installation with great augmentation possibilities. Modifications and alterations are extremely simple and can change the whole plan of the structure.

Adding up new modules or re-iterating the same is carried out by EPACK, the top standard modular solutions provider and prefab structure manufacturers. K prefabricated houses are the best modular solutions and offer a variety of dimensional and design possibilities that give way to a multitude of construction layouts. Manufactured off-site and installed on-site, these alternate buildings are effective solutions that satisfy vast application requisites.

The core structure is constructed from high strength steel of various grades that depend upon the specific requirements and are provided with composite insulation panel envelops to offer durable facets which serve great benefits. Augmentation or exclusion of sections leads to easy design modifications and suits a vast variety of fabrication and construction styles. Being the leading modular structure suppliers, EPACK applies its extensive expertise and market knowledge to the manufacturing process and delivers its customers, the prime prefab modular solutions.

K houses and liftable tables are the major iterations and applications of modular construction solutions. These prefabricated derivatives offer the following beneficial features:

  • Prefab modular solutions offer lightweight construction
  • These structures are durable and have a long service span
  • The facets can be enveloped in PUF / EPS sandwich panels
  • Use of superior materials and employing meticulous techniques leads to great energy savings and thermal insulation
  • Less weight and vast flexibility options make the modular K homes desirable
  • These structures are best suited for construction sites and camps
  • Modular buildings may be used for long-term, temporary or permanent facilities
  • They are the best alternatives to wood and concrete structures and offer dry construction
  • Low waste generating and 100% recyclable prefab modular solutions
  • Design flexibility is a leading feature offered by EPACK, the top modular house suppliers in India


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