Peb Company in Madurai

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In order to result in advanced building construction solutions that result in better innovationand efficiency, the need of PEB Buildings in Madurai is imperative. As we face the growing calls for efficiency, energy-savings, resource wastage minimization as well as sustainability in the infrastructure development sector, it becomes impossible to target the same through conventional and traditional methods.

EPACK, the top PEB Manufacturer in Madurai offers innovative modular construction solutions that are best in order to achieve the desired targets of efficiency and environment protection. Involving completely dry construction, these Pre-Engineered Buildings in Madurai suffice the demands of high quality as well as sustainability.

Through its years of experience as well as unhindered research and development, EPACK being the top PEB Company in Madurai offers consistent innovation solutions which enable the buyers to experience amazing features of safety, durability, cost-effectiveness as well as longevity. As one of the leading PEB Suppliers in Madurai, these factory buildings and warehouse enclosures are vital for better sustainability in the infrastructural development sector.

Our Quality Offerings

Prefab Building

Prefabricated Structures

EPACK Prefab’s prefabricated structures offer a convenient solution for a wide range of applications. By utilizing a dry construction production process, we provide a rapid alternative.

Pre Engineered Buildings
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Pre Engineered Buildings

EPACK Prefab, a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings, offers turnkey solutions for multi-storey pre-engineered buildings and is rapidly expanding its client network, thanks to numerous benefits it provides.

Prefab Site Office

Prefab Site Office

EPACK Prefab offers a wide range of modular prefab site office with PUF insulated panels / EPS insulated panels / Light gauge steel framing (LGSF) solution.

Prefabricated Hospital

Prefabricated Hospital

EPACK Prefab is one of the pioneers in manufacturing and installation of prefab structures like staff accommodation, worker accommodation, labor hutments, etc.

Cold Room

Cold Storage Manufacturer

Do you recognize 40-50 percent of India’s fresh produce goes waste due to poor cold chain or insufficient cold store Structure, which deserves a loss of USD 440 billion yearly?


Prefab School

EPACK Prefab, the top warehouse manufacturer in India, built pre-engineered warehouses for commercial storage that cater to specific client requirements while promising excellent durability.

Why choose EPACK?

Here are the following advantages that EPACK guarantees from its Pre-Engineered Building solutions:

  • As urbanization, industrialization and infrastructure development are on paces all over, EPACK  being one of the top PEB companies in India offers feasible alternatives
  • EPACK delivers on-time results and caters vast commercial, industrial and residential infrastructure development requisites
  • EPACK offers a wide range of prefab construction solutions with PUF / EPS insulated panels and light structures