As with any construction project regardless of whether it is big or small, purchasing and building prefabricated steel buildings requires planning, time and effort on a humongous scale. Therefore, as a principle, a well-planned project ensures better chances of running smoothly. While the industrial and commercial sectors have seen significant adoption of prefabricated construction, it is still a newbie in the construction industry. So we though of elaborating few of the long term benefits of pre engineered buildings that can help grow your knowhow for the next construction project.

Immense Energy Savings with Wall and Roof Insulation

Steel buildings thatare built for storage, factories, warehousesor other types of industrial buildings may not need heating and air-conditioning, unless it is in a region of extreme climatic conditions. However, commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings that have people and activities going on need comfortable interiors to be maintained.In such scenarios, prefabricated steel buildings function well. With wall and roof claddings made from insulated sandwich panels, they help reduce heating and cooling costs to significant proportions. This is of immense benefit especially in tropical countries, where electricity bills shoot up during summers.

Low Maintenance cost in the long run

Steel does not rot, corrode or allow growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, unlike wooden prefab buildings, steel ones last longer and require much less maintenance. You need not spend exorbitant sums of money for common maintenance like repairing termite damage, moisture damage and similar wear and tear. Prefabricated steel buildings thus last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Steel  buildings do not lose their structural strength

A pre engineered steel building has fewer components when held up against wooden prefab counterparts. Invariably, this cause the foundation to lose structural strength in wooden prefab buildings over a period of time. So steel buildings does not incur the expensive foundation problems.

PEBs retain their value throughout the life of the building

The high strengthmetal wall and roof panels on PEBs from EPACK stays firm for decades. The primary frame is designed to meet and supersede the expected loads for the lifetime of the building, thereby allowing it to retain its structural strength over the years.

EPACK Prefab is a reputed player in the prefab construction segment. With 24 years of experience, we are one of the fastest growing PEB manufacturer in India. We make a wide range of buildings for industrial, commercial, institutional and other infrastructure solutions.