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Modular prefabricated construction is becoming increasingly popular across infrastructure sector. More and more business owners are adopting to prefabrication technology since it entails fast construction that is cost effective and efficient at the same time. Modular construction process is revolutionising the way the world looks at construction. Here are ten benefits of modular prefabricated construction which makes it so popular. 

  1. Speed of construction

Prefabricated construction is on an average 30 to 60 percent faster than traditional construction. By choosing to go modular, the building components get constructed simultaneously as the foundation work starts on the site. Installation is done module by module, so the whole process of construction happens fast. 

  1. Off-site construction

Modular prefab buildings have their components manufactured offsite in a factory. These are then transported to the construction site for installation. Offsite construction increases the efficiency and construction is also not delayed by changing weather conditions either. Therefore, the overall quality of construction is competitive and disruption is less. 

  1. No disruption in day to day operation

Modular construction is a boon for building extension projects. This is because construction happens offsite, so disruptions arising from construction activities do not hinder your day to day business operations. 

  1. Environment friendly

Construction waste piling up at the site is common in traditional construction. However this is not the case with modular, since construction happens off site. In pre engineered modular buildings, the primary structure is made of recyclable steel, which des not deplete the environment. 

  1. Cost-effective

Modular constructions are hugely cost-effective in the long run. For instance, if your business needs you to shift location periodically, your portable site office can be transported too. So you need not invest in building offices at every location. Some vendors also design buildings on their own, allowing you to save cost that goes into hiring an architect.

  1. High on aesthetics

Modular buildings have evolved a lot over time. They are no longer bland tin containers as people perceived them to be few decades back. Today, there are plentiful design options for you to choose from. Whether you build school, shopping complexes, office buildings, modular buildings can be high on aesthetics. 

  1. Flexibility of use

Another notable advantage of modular buildings is its flexibility. An empty space in modular building can turn into anything you need – office, kitchen, gymnasium, classroom, music room, etc. 

  1. Durable structures

Prefabricated buildings are made from the sturdiest materials available in the market in order to ensure that they last long. While changing weather conditions are a cause of concern, modular buildings of today can withstand it all. Some materials used in these buildings like glasswool panels are fire-proof, making modular buildings safe as ever. 

EPACK Prefab is one of the fastest growing prefabricated construction companies in India. Our contribution includes 7 million square feet area covered with prefabrication. We build modular site offices, security cabins, mobile testing labs, labour accommodation etc, apart from large industrial structures like warehouse, factory buildings, industrial sheds and so on.