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EPACK Prefab: Your Trusted Cold Storage Manufacturer in India

Do you recognize 40-50 percent of India’s fresh produce goes waste due to poor cold chain or insufficient cold store Structure, which deserves a loss of USD 440 billion yearly?

EPACK Prefab proudly stands as one of India’s foremost manufacturers of Cold Storage solutions. We are well known by our deep-rooted expertise, unwavering commitment to quality, and an unwavering dedication to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. When in search of a trusted and efficient cold storage solution provider, here’s why EPACK Prefab should be your ultimate choice.

Why Entrust EPACK Prefab with Your Cold Storage Requirements?

  1. Specialized Expertise in Cold Storage Solutions: Our journey is marked by years of experience and a highly skilled team dedicated to crafting cold storage solutions that precisely cater to the distinct needs of diverse industries.
  2. Tailored Solutions to Suit Your Needs: Recognizing the unique nature of every client’s cold storage needs, we work closely with you to customize solutions that perfectly align with your specific requirements, ensuring the ideal storage conditions.
  3. Emphasis on Quality and Longevity: Quality remains at the heart of our cold storage units, employing top-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to guarantee durability and reliability over the long haul.
  4. Pioneering Energy-Efficiency: Committed to minimizing energy consumption, our cold storage solutions feature cutting-edge technologies that optimize efficiency while preserving the desired temperature levels.
  5. Adherence to Compliance and Safety Standards: At EPACK Prefab, we adhere to all essential industry standards and safety regulations, ensuring your products are stored safely and in accordance with industry requirements.

Advantages of Opting for EPACK Prefab Cold Storage Solutions

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  • Precise Temperature Management: Maintain consistent and accurate temperature levels critical for preserving perishable goods.
  • Energy-Efficient Operations: Witness substantial savings in operational costs through our energy-efficient cold storage solutions.
  • Flexibility in Design: Enjoy the freedom of tailored designs that fit seamlessly with your available space and unique cold storage requisites.
  • Rapid Installation Process: Experience quick and hassle-free installation, minimizing disruption to your regular operations.

Diverse Applications of EPACK Prefab Cold Storage Solutions:

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  • Food Industry: Store and preserve a wide array of perishable food items, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat, maintaining their freshness and quality.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensure the secure and controlled storage of medicines, vaccines, and pharmaceutical products, adhering to strict storage requirements.
  • Chemicals: Safely store chemicals and hazardous materials at controlled temperatures to maintain their integrity and safety.
  • Horticulture: Provide optimal preservation conditions for flowers, plants, and other horticultural products, extending their shelf life and freshness.

Why Choose EPACK Prefab?


When it comes to reliable cold storage solutions, EPACK Prefab stands out as a distinguished choice for several compelling reasons. At the core of our offering are the exceptional factory-made panels that play a pivotal role in elevating the efficiency and durability of our cold storage units.

Exceptional Factory-Made Panels:

Our cold storage solutions are built using high-quality, factory-made panels that undergo stringent quality checks and adhere to the highest industry standards. These panels are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a robust, airtight, and thermally efficient enclosure for your valuable perishable goods.


  • Thermal Efficiency: Our panels boast superior insulation properties, maintaining precise temperature levels essential for preserving the integrity and quality of stored products. This energy-efficient design not only reduces operational costs but also supports sustainability efforts.
  • Durability: The factory-made panels we employ are engineered to last, offering longevity and strength to withstand the rigors of cold storage operations. Their durability ensures a secure and reliable environment for your stored goods.
  • Quick Installation: Leveraging factory-made panels enables rapid installation, minimizing project timelines and ensuring a swift and seamless integration of your cold storage solution into your operational workflow.

By choosing EPACK Prefab, you’re investing in a cold storage solution that leverages advanced, factory-made panels to deliver efficiency, durability, and peace of mind for your storage needs.