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EPACK Prefab Special Buildings Construction

We make various kinds of multipurpose special buildings for everyday needs – ranging from K-house, liftable porta cabins, Mi Homes, Control Pulpits, Noise proof, etc.

At EPACK Prefab, we possess 24 plus years of manufacturing experience in prefabricated building construction. Apart from special buildings, we tailor design and build warehouses, factory buildings, industrial sheds, poultry sheds, cold storage rooms, clean rooms and a wide range of products using prefabrication. Every product meets industry standard construction specifications and are consequently durable.

Special Building We Build

Control Room

Control Room

EPACK Prefab provides modular control pulpits with PUF insulated panels and accommodates the needs of different industrial sectors like steel plants, furnace locations, thawing shops, mine locations, bulk product managing areas, nuclear power plant, and so on.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Prefab Porta Cabins Manufacturer

Portable Cabins don’t come better than the ones from EPACK Prefab, the top portable cabin manufacturer in India. These portable buildings are the most convenient solution for a myriad of onsite requirements

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic enclosures are one of the most crucial structures utilized to stop the radiation of sound from source to an outside area. These amazing frameworks are likewise valuable in stopping exterior sounds

EPACK Prefab K House


K-House is a cutting-edge solution for modern living, combining sustainability and innovation in its design. With its modular construction and energy-efficient features, K-House offers a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle for individuals and families seeking a greener future.

Mi Homes

Mi Homes

EPACK Prefab, a leading manufacturer in India, specializes in constructing high-quality Mi Homes using prefabrication techniques. Our homes are designed to meet the unique needs of both commercial and residential clients, offering exceptional durability and customizability.

Porta Cabin Manufacturer

Liftable Cabin

EPACK’s liftable cabins provide a versatile and convenient solution for various temporary or portable space needs. With their innovative design and easy lifting mechanism, these cabins offer mobility and flexibility without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Special Buildings that meet various day-to-day needs

Our team is professionally trained to deliver quality and excellence, being adept at every stage of manufacturing – from gathering requirements to production installation.