EPACK Prefab Built Airport Terminal Building
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Airport Terminal Buildings

Prefabricated airport structures are modular structure systems that are reliable as well as fast to construct. Modular building and construction has its own advantages. It permits adaptability in layout and development.

EPACK has actually been privileged to make among the very first prefabricated flight terminal civil terminal at Hindon, Ghaziabad, in 2019. With prefabrication, structures can be created quickly. The airport terminal at Hindon was finished in a document time span of 4 months..

The Spreading of Pre Engineered Airport Terminal Structures has actually gotten an online reputation over the past few years in India.

As flying becomes more economical, flight terminal infrastructure requires rapid, durable, and also energy-efficient structure systems, which can supply a smooth and hassle-free traveling experience to the tourists.

Aircraft Hangers

A Pre-Engineered Steel Hangar Building is made to hold aeroplanes and is big enough to fit the big tools that are used to maintain aeroplanes. These buildings are made to hold workshops, waiting rooms, and other things as required. The best thing about these buildings is that they can stand up to fire. Since the buildings are made to hold aeroplanes, they don’t use materials that can catch fire. The way these hangars are made means that they can stand up to heavy loads, strong winds, and other bad weather conditions, protecting your plane.

On either side of prefab hangars for planes, there are offices that can’t be heard. When it comes to protecting your plane, they are the best choice. In the long run, prefab buildings save time and money. At EPACK, we have a team of trained professionals who know how aircraft hangars work and what they need.

Our aeroplane hangars have fire-suppression systems, good thermal insulation, ventilation systems, runway systems with overhangs, offices, and workshops.

There are a number of finishes and options to choose from for each design. The whole building system is done based on what the client wants.

Prefabricated construction– easy to expand as well as built to last!

The advantage of prefabrication is not simply limited to cost financial savings and also quick building. Modular structures can be taken apart without creating damage to any of the components. This implies they can be repaired at another area as well as reused! This advantage is no place possible with standard building and construction. If you require to prolong your building, add a mezzanine flooring, include an extra wall, it can all be carried out in an astonishingly smooth manner. This not only conserves cost yet accumulates for numerous other benefits too.

Expansion capabilities enable multifarious use

Prefabricated structures have wide development capabilities can be put to rent, work with or various other purposes as soon as prepared. As a result your financial investment is only minimal to the time the building it being built. As soon as your structure is leased out, healing of your financial investment begins, are you are run the risk of cost-free!

Development makes it all the more helpful. You can add mezzanine floors, include even more open spaces as you want. A structure built with prefabrication is therefore not limited to just one function. It can have multiple applications.

Modular buildings have the ability to protect your investment, allowing you to create budget optimally, and the scope to invest in another structure in the future if required.

Our pre engineered airports come with complete infrastructure solution for flying.

  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • CCTV, PA System,
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm System
  • I.P Reserved Lounge
  • Snack Bar, ATM
  • Fire Control Room
  • Airline Ticketing Counters
  • Check-in Counters
  • Baggage Conveyor Belt
  • Frisking Booth
  • X-Ray Machine
  • Baby Care Room
  • Taxi & Hotel booking Counter
  • Smoking Room
  • Air Lines Backup Offices
  • Mishandled/ Unclaimed Baggage Room

The Benefits of a Prefabricated terminal

  • When an existing airport does not have enough passenger managing capacity or sufficient path area, a prefabricated structure pertains to the rescue.
  • An existing project can be expanded without needing to construct irreversible framework.
  • Semi-permanent structures serve as a stop-gap remedy, when a continuous incurable building requires repair work as well as renovation.
  • Throughout events like Republic games there is an onslaught of air traffic. Having a momentary airport assists in such situations.
  • In an occasion of all-natural calamity or disaster, temporary incurable or hangars can be quickly constructed.