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Cold Storage Manufacturers in Ambala

Cold storage enclosures are a prime requisite for myriad industries and are essential to support endless utilizations. A temperature controlled cabin helps maintains a consistent ambience so that the desired range of temperature is obtained to ensure safe storage and preservation of the specific products. The cold storage supplier in Ambala EPACK has gained vast expertise in manufacture of enclosures that ensure optimum safety of perishable items.

Why Choose EPACK Prefab?

The top banana ripening chamber manufacturer in Ambala EPACK offers state of the art enclosures that are enclosed in PUF / EPS insulated panels to ensure 100% thermal efficiency as they allow for leak proof design. By utilizing high standard materials and designed precisely to accurate dimensions, these structures can deliver unhindered efficiency and energy savings.
The following reasons make EPACK the best prefab cold room supplier in Ambala:

  • The utilization of light gauge steel framing to construct these cold room enclosures ensures that they are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions and deliver ultimate durability.
  • The completely insulated construction yields high energy savings. The design helps maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels inside so that a safe environment is created.
  • For proper storage and preservation of fresh produce items, dairy products and pharmaceutical items, it is essential that the enclosures are able to maintain the required temperature levels consistently.
  • EPACK offers the best modular cold storage in Ambala and the design allows flexibility for expansion as well. The design of the enclosures can be finalized to the exact requirement of the client.

Our Quality Offerings

Pre Engineered Buildings
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Pre Engineered Buildings

EPACK Prefab, the top pre-engineered building Manufacturer offers turnkey solutions for Multi-Storey Pre Engineered Buildings and with countless benefits to serve, is gaining a strong client network.

Prefabricated Structures

Prefabricated Structures

EPACK Prefab prefabricated structures are a convenient solution for a wide range of applications and being a dry construction production process, are a quick alternative.


Factory Building

EPACK Prefab is widely reputed as the top prefabricated buildings manufacturing company that executes all the aspects of construction – production, assembly, installation and maintenance of the same.

Light Gauge Steel Framing Manufacturer

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Light gauge steel framework is increasingly being adopted in the urban areas especially for quick and easy solution to single and double storeyed buildings.

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels

EPACK Prefab being the leading sandwich panel manufacturer in India offers a complete range of insulating panels that are compact and applicable for varied industries such as agriculture, office building, healthcare facility, warehouses, etc.

Cold Room

Cold Storage Warehouse

Do you recognize 40-50 % of India’s fresh vegetables and fruit goes waste due to insufficient cold store Structure which deserves a loss of USD 440 billion yearly?