Metal Building

Benefits of Using Metal Wall Panels in PEBs

When it comes to pre engineered buildings, the application of steel is imperative. Besides the primary core structure, metal/steel is used for construction of roof, wall claddings, gutter and drainage systems of the building. The use of steel is commonplace when it comes to commercial and industrial sectors. If you are searching for PEB steel buildings for your commercial structure, it will always help if you are aware of the basics of steel construction. Is metal construction superior to other commonly used materials like wood, vinyl, brick or stone? If not, then why is metal preferred by all? Let’s take a look at few of the advantages of steel for wall panels that makes it considerable alternative to conventional wall structures. 

Steel construction is long lasting 

Buildings made of metal wall and roof cladding can withstand normal wear and tear, because metal structures lasts longer inherently. These structures do not get damaged under normal weather conditions where vinyl sheets or wood might wear out. Majority of the metal wall panels also require little or no maintenance for years after construction. 

Low maintenance and installation cost

Metal sheets deployed for wall and roof cladding are light in weight, but sturdy. So if you are on the lookout for metal wall panels for the next project – warehouse, office building or factory, metal might feature on the top of list due to the low maintenance factor. When pitted against granite or brick wall, metal wall panels are comparatively low maintenance structures. 

Aesthetically pleasing 

Metal wall panels have civil like finishing touches on the interior and exterior surfaces likewise. They can be crafted into glossy or matte finish, with different shades as per choice. Metals panels are truly versatile in nature, so contractors and architects around the world prefer it the most 

Fire resistant capabilities

When you zero in on construction, making it fire resistive is one of the top priorities for business owners. Ranging from human casualties to inventory loss, fire can cause irreparable amount of damage to your business property. Metal wall panels especially rockwool and glasswool insulated ones have fire resistive capabilities. They can hold back fire from spreading beyond a certain point, depending on the thicknes and lining of the materials. 


Metal wall panels eco-friendly in nature. They are sustainable and cause minimal pollution at the job site. Besides, steel is also recyclable. Putting together all of these makes pre engineered building eco-friendly. 

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