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Labor is the most essential part of any construction site. Most of the industries, factories or any commercial projects come up at a quite far site from the city area. Therefore, it is not possible to arrange for the daily transfer for labor to the project site. Apart from that, availability of workers is also scarce. So, in order to retain them, the employer has to arrange for better and happier living for its staff at the work site itself.

This develops the need for some temporary labor shelters which along with solving aforementioned purpose proves to be cost effective also. Prefab labor colony or labor quarters are good answer to this problem.

Labor colony is like temporary colony for the labors at the site with all the basic amenities like labor mess, toilets and septic tanks, camp offices, etc. Labors can live there for long without any problem as it has all the facilities and safety options.

Some of the features of labor colony:

  • This prefabricated labor camp is an economical and flexible solution for industrial projects which requires mass accommodation and that too for uncertain period.
  • Waterproof, highly durable and termite resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Easily portable
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Every colony or camp can be optimally designed to suit the clients’ needs.

There are many manufacturers and suppliers who provide several options in this category. There are even some who provide you complete package so that you need not look anywhere for other options. This includes:

  • PUF/EPS insulated walls which are not only waterproof but provide safety and coverage from all types of weather conditions.
  • Doors are insulated and manufacturers provide them with all accessories.
  • Aluminum sliding windows
  • Supporting structures and accessories
  • Electrical fittings, sanitary fittings and beds can also be provided as per the demand of the customer

Why prefab labor camp or labor quarter is so famous?

  • The factory made parts do not need much time in assembling and shelter is constructed within no time.
  • With the easy customization options available it is possible for the buyer to get the product suiting to his specifications.
  • The raw material used is nature friendly and thus assembling or disassembling of these colonies does not cause any impact on the nature.
  • These prove to be robust option against the bad weather conditions.
  • Last but not the least; they are quite cost effective as compared to the permanent house options.