Although India is home to numerous prestigious universities, primary education in the country’s outlying regions remains in dire need of funding and support to ensure its benefits trickle down to its populace at large. EPACK Prefab is the ideal alternative to the traditional methods of constructing hostels due to its ability to save both time and money.

At Epack, we plan long-term and short-term, standalone and connected educational facilities for a wide range of ages and purposes. Our hostel buildings are designed to be quickly installed wherever they are needed. We guarantee that they will save you money, be easy to operate, and last a long time because of the superior construction. Modular classrooms are especially helpful in short-term situations when they must be easily modified to suit a variety of environments.


  • Modular construction; low operating costs; environmental friendliness.
  • A centralised plant assembles all the necessary components into kits, which are then shipped to the job site.
  • Completion of the Project on Schedule
  • Secure against the effects of moisture, heat, and noise
  • Concept for conserving both time and water in building projects.