Acoustic Enclosure

Acoustic enclosure is a specialized structure which is widely used nowadays in the industries for the noise control. They are like a sound proof box or room which can be constructed anywhere. This is mainly used to avoid any harsh or loud sounds in the enclosure to go outside to provide calm and workable environment.

Among the various uses of these enclosures, the most widely used are large metal ones which are set up in factories to keep large loud generators. As these generators create lots of noise, an enclosure will absorb the sound inside only. Most of the enclosure can eliminate 90% of the noise. There are 100% soundproof enclosures are also available in the market but they are quite expensive.

Some of the features of an acoustic enclosure:

  • They come in weatherproof options as are also used in external sites.
  • The panel thickness can be varied depending on its use
  • Double lead single doors are fitted in them to allow easy access
  • Double gazed and single gazed windows comes as viewing options
  • If you want, they can be equipped with pipe-work or ductwork
  • Acoustic enclosures used in industries comes with natural or forced air ventilation
  • Lighting is available so that you can access it, no matter what your external surroundings are
  • General electric fittings are there in it.

Acoustic enclosure is a cost effective way to enhance the efficiency of the labor in the industries as it is difficult to work when there is loud and disturbing noises in your surroundings. These days, these enclosures also come in various outer finishes so that you can choose depending on your area interiors. For example, there are powder coated finishes, paint finishes, plastisol coated steel finish and galvanized stainless steel finish, etc.

While searching on web, you would realize that there are several manufacturers who deal in such kind of products. Along with these enclosures, they also provide portable cold rooms, mushroom growing room, acoustic panels, etc. to suit wide purposes of varied industries.

Having so many manufactures there is tough competition in the prices. Therefore, you must check for the prices and quality for at least 2-3 manufactures and then settles the deal at the best available option. Investing in an acoustic enclosure is no harm as it solves the major issue of noise without demanding too much money.