The infrastructure development and building construction processes face consistent and perpetual innovation across all frontiers. There occurs an omnipresent evolution in the sector and fuelled by the dynamics of market demands as well as rising needs of rapid building development, we have witnessed major upgradation in terms of construction method technologies, material use preferences, quality levels as well as the overall approach adopted for the projects.

Apart from the primary factors that create a strong demand for upgraded construction methodologies, the rising concerns of energy crisis, climate change and environmental degradation pose as imperative elements in influencing a positive change for adopting green and carbon negative infrastructure development methodologies.

One of the best ways to cater all the current as well as forecasted building development demands in order to suffice a wide array of essential infrastructure development needs with exceptional focus on durability, longevity, safety and sustainability is through adoption of prefabricated and Light Gauge Steel Framing structures. These alternative methodologies enable an efficient and rapid construction approach which best proves viable for the current age demands.

Light Gauge Steel Framing – A rapid and safe way to construct buildings at a budget

Construction industry has adorned an evolved outlook since the past few decades and the post-pandemic challenges have resulted in an urgency of establishment of new infrastructure across all domains of the industry. The need for renewed methodologies to develop homes, offices, healthcare facilities, public buildings, industries as well as agricultural infrastructure using efficient and smart processes is best catered to by development of LGSF structures in India by EPACK Prefab.

Across the western and European nations, Light Gauge Steel Framing buildings have gained major traction and the need for these structures is observed severely across the developing countries as well. India poses an exceptional urgency and elevated demand for development of LGSF buildings and the improvement in construction processes made prominent by this technology is an endeavor which runs in parallel with the requisites of speeded and sustainable commercial, industrial, offices and medical construction.

Guaranteeing high-quality structures at lower costs compared to traditional buildings and with overall shortened development timescales, LGSF technology is setting unparalleled standards with a level of precision impossible to compete with conventional brick and mortar methods.

What are LGSF buildings features and what applications do they best serve?

Defined as the construction of buildings with cold formed steel truss framed structures and encasings of composite insulated panels, Light Gauge Steel Framing buildings in India include primary and secondary members made out of steel and with standards sections being fabricated at an indoor off-site facility.

EPACK Prefab as the best LGSF structures manufacturer in India develops these high-tech enclosures which showcase the following characteristic features –

  • Enhanced Strength and Durability

Higher structural strength of LGSF buildings results in safer structures with less maintenance needs. EPACK Prefab assures exceptional corrosion resistance from its LGSF structures.

  • Better Quality at Less Weight

The sections for LGSF enclosures in India are made from lightweight and high strength steel and hence results in uniform quality.

  • Reusability and Recycling

LGSF buildings are 100 % recyclable and can be reused with easy expansion, modification and relocation.
Better Cost Affordability and Quick Construction

Light steel framed buildings are very affordable and can be developed in 50% less time as well as costs compared to traditional enclosures.

LGSF building application and functional scopes

The exceptional advantages and benefits of Light Gauge Steel Framing enclosures make them suitable for the following applications –

  • Residential Infrastructure Development Projects
  • Construction of Educational Buildings
  • Solar Panel Mounting Structures
  • Light Commercial Construction Projects
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Hybrid Construction Projects
  • Healthcare and Medical Institutional Facilities
  • Portable Bathroom and Public Convenience Infrastructure
  • Drywall Structures and Industrial Facilities

Why opt for EPACK Prefab Light Gauge Steel Framing solutions?           

With a dominating industry expertise of 24 years as well as a strong research and development indulgence, EPACK Prefab as the top LGSF structures supplier in India has pioneered innovative steel structural enclosures which help sustain profit, performance and productivity for its clients. The company has grown from strength-to-strength in developing state of the art enclosures fit for diverse application scopes.