Labour Hutment

When it comes to getting things off the ground, nothing beats the power of manpower, and the construction sector is one of the world’s biggest. Labourers are the ones who actually do the work, therefore it stands to reason that they should have a clean place to live. Sadly, however, they don’t get it everywhere or very often.

Labour shortage can cause huge losses to an enterprise. This problem has received more attention since the coronavirus shutdown. Many building projects do not offer hygienic environment for labours to reside in. Many workers move in quest of better pay and working conditions because of this.

EPACK Prefab produces and distributes portable workplace accommodations nationwide. We provide a variety of layouts and flooring types, including G, G+1, and G+2. The modular nature of these buildings means that they may be erected rapidly and with minimal resources.

Below we look at the advantages of prefabricated worker hutments.

1. Its high level of insulation helps to reduce utility bills

Insulated sandwich panels, which are used for the cladding of the walls and roof, are known for their high levels of thermal insulation. This is very helpful in the tropics, where summers can reach dangerously high temperatures. It keeps the room chilly enough not to incur big electrical expenditure.

2. Fast construction time

Prefabrication improves structural efficiency since it occurs off-site in controlled factory conditions. The components are subsequently transported to the site for installation. Using this method typically cuts building time by 60 percent. Prefabrication eliminates the potential for delays caused by bad weather, which can plague conventional building methods but rarely affects its modular counterparts.

3. Provides a hygienic atmosphere

Shanty towns serve as the standard kind of worker housing in many countries, although they rarely provide a clean place to live. As a result, it is regularly noticed that children in the shanties are born with ailments. Also, shanties are erected in a slapdash style and are at the risk of deterioration under changing weather conditions. On the other hand, our modular buildings can guarantee the workers’ safety and comfort.

4. Cost reductions in the long run

Our prefabricated labour accommodations are portable, lightweight, and durable. It can be disassembled, transported, and reassembled in a different place. Due to the one-time nature of the investment, this ends up saving you a lot of money.

5. Modular design makes expansion easy

Our prefabricated workers accommodation choices span a wide range of possibilities. Construction of these is based on the needs of the buyer. Modular design allows for simple addition of frames, walls, and roof panels for increased size.

EPACK Prefab is one of the leading players in the prefab sector of India. We specialise in the creation of customised prefab buildings for use in a wide range of commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. The entire country of India is covered by our delivery service.