Pre Engineered Buildings

Manufactured in dedicated facilities and assembled at the site, Pre-Engineered Buildings comprise of structural components available as standardized sections. PEB enclosures focus on steel truss framed building development and with a lightweight design which is exceptionally durable, these state-of-the-art enclosures have been dubbed to be the best alternatives for traditional buildings.

Owing to their unrivaled features of structural rigidity and best sustainability performance, PEB enclosures have become the popular choice of construction across residential, industrial, commercial as well as agricultural sectors. As these building enclosures can be easily dismantled and reassembled at different locations without any compromise to their mechanical performance or stability, PEB enclosures suite the best needs of temporary as well as permanent infrastructure development.

The modular sectional component layout design and production results in a simultaneous construction of all types of components which when finished can be assembled swiftly and easily installed at all types of sites. Enabling steel material savings and major reduction in construction wastage, EPACK pre-engineered metal buildings in India are a viable alternative to conventional methodologies which prove vital for supporting the swift paced urbanization wave that is in full swing across the country.

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What purpose do Pre-Engineered Buildings serve?

Infrastructure development is the backbone or a country’s progress and is the true face of development. Owing to a wide array of top-notch unrivaled features, Pre-Engineered Building construction has been set as a default mode of building development for myriad industrial, commercial, agricultural as well as residential housing purposes.

Serving all the advantages and features of traditional concrete or brick and mortar buildings, PEB steel structures in India serve added robustness, enhanced rigidity, better pace of built, lower maintenance costs as well as unrivaled longevity. Available in long spans, these PEB enclosures from EPACK can suffice all the major industrial warehousing and production facility needs.

These buildings come with the following hallmark features –

  • Exceptional pace of construction which is 45% faster than traditional methods  
  • Higher resistance against seismic forces and better fire protection
  • Enhanced safety features and better safety protocols with off-site construction
  • Long-lasting durability and exceptional longevity made possible with high-grade steel
  • Very low to negligible maintenance costs along with easy expansion or modification    
  • Safe and durable to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and applications 
  • Heavy load bearing to even from very lightweight buildings   
  • Highly cost effective to develop with recycling reusability and relocation scopes

Modern construction approach made possible by standardised development approach

Pre-Engineering of Buildings enables a unique prospect of simultaneous development of various components as opposed to the linear step by step approach of a traditional build. PEB enclosures can be manufactured as standardized sectional components and then assembled and later installed at the final site after being transported to the final site.

Stated as follow are the standardized sections and components of a Pre-Engineered Building enclosure –            

  • The core supporting frame and columns
  • End wall steel frames
  • Composite panel insulation sheeting
  • Crane systems for warehouse buildings
  • Purlins, grits, gutters and eave struts
  • Mezzanine floor systems
  • Finishing systems and aesthete features

With high-end automation and cutting-edge machinery integration, PEB development process as enabled by EPACK, the top pre-engineered building company in India tends to be exceptionally rapid and has been a go-to approach of swift construction methodology which results in major infrastructure expansion in a fraction of a time.

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