Emergency Shelters

The basic trend is that normal homes are constructed purely by the mason workers, but the biggest characteristic of a prefab and prefabricated shelter is that its major portion is constructed back in the workshop. They are transported to the place where an owner wants them and the experts assemble and install them there.

In foreign countries, business owners love prefab and prefabricated shelter as they can use them as storage houses or warehouses. In India, they have a completely different use and the manufacturers engaged in their manufacture also manufacture portable telecom shelter and railway shelter. Their USP is that they are the masters of manufacturing anything that comes their way. Despite this, no other product is achieving the popularity as prefab and prefabricated shelter. This increased popularity could be because of the following reasons.

1. Better in installation

This is the biggest reason behind the immensely growing popularity. Since, most of the parts are factory-made; the installing experts don’t take much time in assembling them and construct a setup from them.

2. Construction in less time

This point is very much similar to the point that I made above. Constructing a prefab and prefabricated shelter involves less time as compared to the construction time of a new home. A prefab setup takes 2-3-4 days to set, whereas its competitor can take nothing less than a month to let the owners start living in them.

3. The option of customization is always open

This is yet another benefit that buyers can fetch from them. The manufacturing firms are always open with buyers coming and telling their specifications. They can get the entire building built according to their own choice or customize just the small portion. The bottom-line is that that customization option is always on.

4. Not impacting the nature at all

If you see these shelters, you would notice that they are constructed from extremely nature-friendly products, raw material, etc. This means they put very less or no impact at all upon the nature as compared to their competitors. Also, while the assembling and installation process, the amount of debris is equal to zero. On the other hand, constructing a normal house would call for cleaning on a daily basis even when the construction is on.

5. Robust solution against nature’s wrath

The last but perhaps the biggest attribute is that they are a robust option against the harshness that weather brings in the form of dust storms, excessive rainfall, snowfall, hailstorms etc. In foreign countries, they have reported resisting hurricanes and even floods which is a truly remarkable feat.

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