Prefabricated Steel Structures 1

Pre-engineered buildings are becoming increasingly popular around the world due to their many practical benefits in a variety of settings, including but not limited to offices, homes, factories, and farms.

Incorporating in-house knowledge of EPACK Prefab and smart automation technology integration into the development of PEBs ensures a wide range of incontestable technological features.
When it comes to framing a building, steel metal appears to be the superior choice due to its superior stiffness, stability, and capacity to reduce the overall amount of material needed. Steel, the most recyclable material in the world, offers unparalleled sustainability when utilised in building construction. Steel structure PEB solutions continue to set the bar in terms of unmatched performance and durability across a wide range of applications.

Myths/Misconceptions about Pre-Engineered Structures:

Pre-Engineered Buildings are used in more and more areas of the building business, yet there are still some common misconceptions about them.

Despite the many benefits to be gained from PEB structures, certain prevalent myths about their construction, design, safety, and longevity persist, and some of these are listed below.

Myth 1: PEBs are not strong enough:

The idea that PEB buildings are unsafe or weak derives from the factory standardisation of their production. Myths persist that PEB buildings are structurally weak due to their association with other mass-produced industrial goods.

Frames of high-quality steel were used in the development of PEB structural components, and they easily pass rigorous quality and performance tests.

Myth 2: They don’t last as long as conventional buildings:

Pre-Engineered Buildings are built to survive longer and keep us safe in all weather, unlike traditional brick and mortar or concrete structures.

Myth 3: PEB buildings don’t look as nice as conventional ones:

EPACK Prefab uses cutting-edge software to plan out its PEB structures, and then it builds them with pinpoint accuracy so that they look as good as they possibly can.

Myth 4: They’re too expensive:

With its reduced need for steel, PEB construction is designed to save money. Pre-engineered buildings have been shown to save construction costs by an average of 40 percent compared to traditional buildings.

Myth 5: These structures weigh a tonne:

By emulating the strength and rigidity of a steel truss structure but using less metal and making greater use of space, a PEB enclosure can improve upon traditional construction in both safety and longevity while still being 25% to 30% less heavy.

Myth 6: Assembly takes longer:

Since the entire building is made of prefabricated, insulated building blocks (PEBs), it can be designed, manufactured, transported, and installed in 45 percent less time than it would take to construct a conventional construction of the same size and complexity.

Myth 7: PEB buildings are bad for the environment:

Seventy percent of the work on a pre-engineered building may be done inside, away from the elements and the construction site, reducing the risk of environmental damage and disruption. These structures are not only cost-effective to create, but also provide substantial energy savings once they are operational.

Myth 8: Ergonomics in these structures are unimaginative:

EPACK Prefab creates the same with appealing ergonomic arrangement options, just like PEB enclosures, which results in a plethora of utility scopes.

Myth 9: They’re All the Same Design:

The structural and environmental stability of a PEB enclosure is fundamental to its very nature. PEB enclosures are available in a wide variety of custom designs, finishes, sizes, configurations, and paint options while being prefabricated from standard building components.

Myth 10: They won’t survive a natural calamity:

PEB constructions are among the safest and most resistant due to their very rigid structural development against loads, physical or chemical impacts, and even fire and corrosion threats. They are also resilient to strong seismic forces.

EPACK Prefab, the leading PEB firm in India, provides comprehensive modular off-site building solutions that prioritise increased efficiency, safety, strength, affordability, and sustainability.