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Being a popular housing destnation and home to myriad service and core industries, the city of Faridabad has emerged to be the most prominent National Capital Region. Listed as a fast track smart city, Faridabad is undergoing tremendous real estate and industrial up gradation with fast paced constructions occurring all over the city. Incorporating prefabrication as a preferred construction means will speed up the development and EPACK being the best prefabricated structures manufacturers in Faridabad offers perfect relocatable and liftable cabins, security cabins, cold storages, clean rooms and other lightweight structures.

Why Choose EPACK

Prefabricated structures are a boon to construction and with innovative designs offered by EPACK, they serve the following benefits while being applicable for countless utilizations:

  • The porta cabins in Faridabad are fully equipped with all electrical facilities including wiring, sockets and light fixtures
  • Provided with all required supporting accessories
  • Wisely designed structures keeping in mind the dead load, wind load, seismic zone and many other conditions of that specific area
  • Custom built and pre-engineered construction with PUF insulated panels / EPS insulated panels
  • EPACK, the leading prefabricated structures suppliers in Faridabad offers various finishing options like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / GI with paint on one side, GI / GI with both side paint
  • The prefab railway shelters, acoustic enclosures, poultry sheds and solar inverter rooms in Faridabad are enveloped in light weight panels which are easy to lift and erect at any height even on the roof for extension purpose
  • Large view glasses are possible to be fixed with the insulated panel doors of various structures without any extra support
  • Fixing of smoke detectors, firefighting equipment and AC is easily possible for safety and better comfort.

Ergonomically stable and aesthetically pleasing, the prefab multi storey building in Faridabad offered by EPACK are laden with supportive elements for electrical passages and offer high energy savings from a leak proof construction. Offering the exact structures that precisely match with our customer demands, we are being considered as the favorable prefabrication solutions provider in Faridabad. The dimensional requirements and layout design are tailored as per customer requirements and EPACK’S focus on quality and on-time delivery has earned it a reputation of being the best prefabricated structures manufacturers. The flexible construction offers endless possibilities for application and innovative production solutions make them highly energy efficient and comfortable for residence as well as commercial utilization.