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Attention to detail and a flawless design are what the team at EPACK, the leading prefabricated structures manufacturers in Greater Noida strive to achieve. Every manufactured structure from EPACK is a testament to its commitment for quality, precision and complete customer satisfaction. Each design is specifically manufactured a per exact customer requisites and thus we serve tailored solutions for prefabricated construction in Greater Noida. We offer the best turnkey solutions that deliver the best-in-class features from the following prefab offerings:

  • Porta cabin
  • Prefab Site office
  • Workers accommodation
  • Solar Inverter room
  • Multi Storey Building
  • Clean Room
  • Cold Storage
  • Ripening chambers
  • Railway Shelters
  • Prefabricated Pulpits

Why Choose EPACK

Prefabrication is a necessity that satisfies the rising construction demands for vast urbanization occurring in the region. The prefabricated structures help keep construction costs low and being a dry construction method, offer a quick alternative. Apart from these the prefab buildings in Greater Noida offer the following benefits:

  • The prefab buildings and other structures like cold storages, clean rooms, acoustic enclosures in Greater Noida, etc are enveloped in PUF / EPS panels that resist external heat while maintaining interior temperature.
  • Porta cabins in Greater Noida are all weather resistant and with leak proof construction, help maintain a desirable internal temperature.
  • These structures offer high tolerance, corrosion resistance and are durable to withstand demanding environmental conditions.
  • Various finishing options for walls, ceilings and other facets are available. They are available in various finishes like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / aluminum foil, PPGS / SS, SS / SS.
  • Being constructed from insulating panels and properly enclosed joints, the porta cabin manufacturer in Greater Noida offers prefabricated construction solution that help maintain a constant specific temperature that is best suited for the purpose of favorable ergonomics and comfort.

The prefab site buildings in Noida are quick and easy to erect. EPACK is a complete turnkey solutions provider for the best prefabricated cold storage structures and prefab railway shelters. Every step in the manufacturing process is an array of perfection and thus results in an unmatched product. While designing and manufacturing prefab site infrastructure and other structures, factors like natural daylight and proper ventilation for fresh air are considered to deliver the best ergonomics and comfort.