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EPACK offers a wide range of prefabricated structures that are constructed from Light Gauge Steel Frames and enveloped in PUF insulated panels. Being the top prefab structures manufacturer in Lucknow, we strive to offer innovative construction solutions that will be the force behind Lucknow’s development as a smart city. Offering cost effective turnkey solutions for making the best porta cabin, prefab site office, workers accommodation, cold storage etc, we have emerged as the top choice for best prefab structures suppliers in Lucknow.

EPACK designs, fabricates, produces and installs myriad prefab construction structures that are a testament to its high standard quality process and delivers results that are unmatched in the sector. Being the capital and largest city in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is bound for infrastructure growth and a revamp to existing cityscape. To cater these requisites, it is a must to partner with EPACK and avail the timeless benefits of prefabricated structures that offer quick, reliable and durable construction alternatives.

Why Choose EPACK

Prefabrication increases productivity and efficiency while serving uncompromised quality. It is a timeless trend for high paced infrastructure development. EPACK has a dedicated team of designers, architects and engineers that offer innovative construction solutions from prefabricated buildings and shelters that are thermally efficient, fire resistant and durable for a lifetime. Offering the best porta cabin price in Lucknow, EPACK serves the below mentioned benefits of prefabricated site infrastructure and other modular building constructions:

  • Every prefab structure manufactured by EPACK exceeds the client expectations and delivers precise results.
  • Prefabricated workers accommodation structures in Lucknow offer quick erection times and in-situ installation for no loss of time.
  • EPACK being the top manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated structures in Lucknow helps reduce construction costs by upto 50%.
  • The side walls, ceilings and floors of prefab porta cabins, site offices, labor hutments and security cabins are provided with pre-painted G.I sheet / SS sheets / Aluminum sheets with proper insulation of polyurethane / EPS to resist heat in summer and restore heat during winters. These specifications make them applicable for all weather use. Pre-fabricated buildings are made from steel to guarantee safety and durability at all costs.
  • EPACK manufactures multi storey buildings, cold storages, railway shelters, etc. Adequate insulation of these buildings helps maintain a 5-7oC temperature difference.

The team at EPACK strives to attain perfection in each of its process and with innovative strategies guarantees its customers compete peace of mind with safety, durability, thermal insulation and extended service life of these alternative construction methods in Lucknow.