Stadium Structures
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Stadium Structures

Modern, more affordable options to permanent stadiums are modular prefabricated stadium structures. Modular stadiums are the way to go if you run a sports team and need quickly installed infrastructure. Your stadium structures can be built by us in a matter of weeks.

For what reasons, then, should one opt for a modular design rather than a more conventional one?

The primary benefit of modular stadiums is the reduced construction costs and increased adaptability. EPACK’s stadium structures are adaptable to any setting, no matter how big or tiny. Construction time is reduced without sacrificing safety or other features, thanks to the semi-permanent design. The seating capacity of a modular stadium can be increased while occupying the same physical space. As your club and fan base expand, this may be quite helpful. As an added bonus, unlike conventional stadiums, these may be moved to a new location if necessary.


Building a sports stadium requires either no columns at all or as few as possible. Many stadiums’ columns, especially the more prominent ones, are a visual nuisance for spectators.

EPACK’s pre-engineered stadium structures can assist in the removal of such obstacles. We produce first-rate modular stadiums for major cricket, football, hockey, tennis, badminton, and other sporting events.

Our Stadium Structures include:

  • Complete steel framework.
  • Roofing & rear & side cladding.
  • Handrailing, stairs & vomitories

Sports Complex

Sports Complex

Are you seeking for a reasonably priced Pre Engineered Sports Building that provides plenty of natural light and a robust, weatherproof structure?

EPACK specialises in creating prefabricated, long-lasting sports facilities for businesses. Buildings are erected in accordance with financial constraints. With no sacrifice in quality, our prefabricated sports buildings provide everything you need at an affordable price.

EPACK gives you an unrestricted perspective of your aquatics centre, indoor playground, or entertainment venue. EPACK pre-engineered sports facilities are highly effective. As a result of the greater spans, a variety of layouts are possible to serve a wide range of purposes, without the requirement for inside columns.

Our dedication to our clients is geared at facilitating the realisation of their athletic ambitions in a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Creating a sports facility the old fashioned way can be very expensive and time consuming.

Because of this, it might be difficult to find a suitable practise space in time for major competitions. The problem can be solved by using a prefabricated sports complex.

Construction of pre engineered buildings is quicker than that of conventional sports facilities, and their ongoing maintenance costs are lower as well.

Prefabricated Auditorium

Prefabricated Auditorium

We provide forth a superb assortment of Prefabricated Auditorium to our distinguished clientele. This is wonderfully crafted and has tremendous aesthetic appeal. This is distinct from other range accessible in the industry for its qualities including vivid appearance, smooth edges and shiny finish. Designed and manufactured by imaginative professionals with top grade raw material, our supplied assortment is the benchmark for exquisite and dazzling workmanship. Moreover, this may be also efficiently altered as per clients’ needs.

Why Choose EPACK?

We pride ourselves on building aesthetically pleasing and rapidly constructed sports complexes.

EPACK Prefab is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art sports facilities and complexes. Our buildings are extremely sturdy and can withstand even the most extreme weather. Soft seats can be simply added to these prefabricated stadium structures. Though made to look permanent in order to reduce upkeep, they may be moved about easily if necessary. They could be constructed for any sport, and if necessary, the entire structure could be dismantled and moved with relative ease. Depending on your needs, EPACK Pre Engineered Stadium constructions can be built with as few as 250 seats or as many as 50,000 seats.

Extensive Supply Chain

  • Our transport and service network spans the entire country.
  • The goods combine aesthetics and functionality without sacrificing either.
  • Manufacturing of the building solutions occurs in-house, under the watchful eye of our skilled and original experts.