Portable Structure

In today’s era, accommodations are getting costlier day by day due to the huge burst of the human population mainly in cities and its outskirts. Office and living spaces in major habitable zones come at a premium price. Companies in the construction field always find it tough to provide affordable yet convenient accommodation nearby to the site location.

To tackle such problems, a number of temporary accommodations in the form of porta cabins, bunk and container houses have risen in popularity lately. It solves a number of problems for companies that look for an easy solution for accommodations on onsite locations.

Structures of the future:

Portable cabins popularly known as Porta Cabins are amazing modular spaces for both office and living purposes which can be easily constructed and deconstructed on one’ will. They can be used for many purposes that range from office, home to relief shelters.

These cabins are easy to construct as well as can be easily handled. Transit of materials used in their construction is easy and fast as well. Also, minimum care and repair are required after its initial construction. These cabins are high quality in nature and incur minimum cost in maintenance charges.

Bunk Houses are a similar modular accommodation that is mainly built for living purposes. They feature modern amenities such as electricity, central heating and living spaces at economical costs. They are basically built for holding a large number of onsite employees or workers as they feature big open rooms with carefully placed row of beds.

Container Homes serve the need of a low-cost accommodation for today’s modern era. They have been known to be used as homes or housing structures mostly by people living in populated areas with almost no access to basic amenities. These container help elevate the living condition of the poor and act as a low-cost shelter for them. Lately, these containers which were previously used by the poorer section of the society have been converted into eco-friendly houses for the rich. They are converted into stylish accommodation at exotic locations to cater the need of housing structures in unique locations.

Usage and practicality:

Porta Cabins are constructed with lightweight construction material to keep the costs and building time low. These accommodations usually come in various sizes to cater to the need of the user’s. Their resilience to immediate wear tear, fire and water make them an ideal safe house. They can also be easily de-constructed and then reassembled somewhere else with ease which makes them pretty economical as well.

Many businesses need fast set up for temporary modular housing near the site location of construction or work. These modular structures come in quite handy at those times.  They can also provide a lot of customisation options which can be altered to the client’s wish. Even expensive machinery and products can be safely stored in these cabins and houses to protect them from factors such as rain, dust and damage.