Aircraft Hangars

While steel may seemingly be indestructible as portrayed in popular fiction, anybody who works with it knows that the reality is far more nuanced. In areas with dry and dusty climate airplanes, helicopters are more prone damage occurring from dust, rust, corrosion, etc. In the long run this can cause irreparable damage. 

At EPACK Prefab, we make prefabricated steel infrastructure for various industrial, commercial and other projects. Airports are aircraft hangars are our speciality. And we recommend steel over any other material for aircraft hangars. There is no other suitable alternative to steel as it clearly delivers the required protection against all kinds of weather conditions. 

Aircrafts are a big investment and damages can incur huge losses for owners. Therefore we recommend for the reasons below: 

Steel structures are safe

Steel buildings can be insulated from the elements as well or far better than any other type of structures that one can think of. Our buildings have doors and windows sealed in a proper manner so as to protect your aircraft from dirt, dust and insects, all of which can damage your aircraft otherwise.

Steel Buildings are strong

Steel buildings form a strong outer layer which secures your stuff more than any other material. There are various mechanical and security measures which can protect your aircraft in and out. 

Spacious and tailor-made

Airline pilots and maintenance personnel like to walk around their aircrafts during inspection or admiring the design. At EPACK Prefab, we build your hangar according your requirements and specification. There is ample space inside with room to walk around, space for workshop and equipment and anything that is required. 

Steel Buildings last for years

With proper maintenance and care, your steel hangar can last for years. Our products are reputed for its durability and helps keep your business going for decades. Our aircraft hangars are pre engineered so there is minimal error happening during manufacturing as well installation process. 

They protect your investment

Aircrafts or helicopters, however small it may be, costs millions of rupees. Add to that there is running and maintenance costs. It is therefore important to protect it from harsh weather conditions. 

EPACK Prefab is one of the fastest growing pre engineered steel manufactures in India. We have proven track record for constructing pre engineered airport terminals at the seemingly difficult terrains across remote locations in India. We have our own manufacturing unit and a professional team to gather your requirements and deliver projects accordingly.