Advantage Of Peb

Pre-engineered buildings are the future of construction when it comes to sustainability and quality. More and more people these days are opting for pre engineered buildings as they realize it is quick to build. The long time of construction, labors, weather conditions are the factors that cause hindrance in a traditional construction. While planning commercial buildings, new building owners are drifting towards PEB.

A comparison between Pre-Engineered Buildings with Conventional Structures

It is no unknown fact that conventional structures that a long time to be constructed. Pre engineered buildings on the other hand have much lesser construction time. On an average, what takes 20-26 weeks with brick-and-mortar can be constructed within 6 to 8 weeks with pre engineered building. Thus, PEBs are more affordable in the long run and preferred over conventional structures. Conventional buildings require lots of materials, labor and are expensive to build.

Pre Engineered buildings are based on a drawing and does not require heavy foundation to be built as opposed to conventional buildings. Building with cement and plaster is a long and tedious process which intense labor and a lot of time. PEBs  are built with lightweight materials and overall, these structures are 30% lighter in comparison. All the materials are sourced from a single vendor of PEB, whereas in traditional construction, raw materials are sourced from various suppliers. Also, it is much easier to expand a pre engineered building than a conventional one. In pre engineered buildings, the cost and construction time are estimated more accurately due to earlier experience. In conventional structures, cost and construction time can vary depending on complex processes.

Reasons for soaring popularity of pre-engineered buildings

Early occupancy

As the construction time is lesser, it is possible to set up and occupy a pre-engineered building earlier than with a conventional one.

Quick construction

Once again, the ability to be constructed quickly leaves building owners to start industrial operations faster with pre engineered buildings.

Revenue generating capability

There is a lot of scope for pre engineered buildings to generate revenues from its multifarious applications. Be it industrial or commercial establishment, a PEB can be implemented no sooner that the drawing is approved. Pre engineered buildings can be developed and expanded further for additional revenue generation.

Robust construction

It is not difficult to make robust construction with pre engineered buildings and start industrial units. PEBs can also function as multiple industrial units as the construction is much lesser. While operating multiple industrial units, they can generate high revenue easily. The overall investment is low, as PEBs can be dismantled and reused multiple times at different locations. These buildings are also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.