Puf Panel Epack Prefab

It is the era of new-age technology and innovation with quick and easy alternative to everything. The construction industry is no exception! Requirement of high quality materials is a necessity in modern day construction. Materials that are high on strength and yet lightweight, durable is required for sustainable construction.

PUF or polyurethane foam panels are one of the most widely used sandwich panels in prefabricated construction technology. These panels have proved to be an ideal solution to prefabricated construction. Gone are the days of brick and mortar construction. Prefabrication is the future. PUF Panel solutions are one of the most sought after material that meets all the construction requirements and requirements for industrial, commercial as well as industrial buildings.

PUF Panel contains rigid foam sandwiched between two metal sheets. It has high insulation properties and has proven to be the most suitable alternative to brick-and-mortar construction. PUF Panel can be used in a multi-purpose way, for walls as well as roofs.

The advantages of PUF Panels

  1. PUF Panels are durable and lasts long. These panels have everything that it takes to make a prefabricated equivalent to a traditional building.
  2. PUF Panels are manufactures in factory conditioned and engineered using state-of-the-art technology. Manufacturing is done under the supervision of technicians in controlled environment for precision and accuracy.
  3. These panels offer high thermal efficiency resulting in low energy consumption and high energy efficiency.
  4. PUF Panels are aesthetic pleasing. They are customized to meet client requirements in terms of design and dimensions. Also, it is easy to expand a building constructed with PUF panels.
  5. PUF panels are durable but lightweight, which means they are portable. The panels can be easily dismantled, moved and re-constructed at another location as and when needed.
  6. PUF Panels also low on maintenance, environment friendly and cost-efficient.

Some typical applications of PUF Panels

PUF Panels have multifarious applications. Some of the most popular ones include:

Besides, PUF panels can also be used for construction of non-industrial buildings like schools, health centers, portable toilets, guard rooms, and so on. Another major application includes construction of roof with PUF panels. EPACK Prefab is a leading manufacturer of PUF panels and other kinds of insulated sandwich panels like rock wool, glass wool and EPS.