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This decade has witnessed tremendous increase in efforts to meet infrastructure requirements in the country. How far use of PEB and prefabs been incorporated in the Indian construction industry? 

“The market for pre-engineered steel construction is growing exponentially in India with consumers opting for new-age technologies for quality and speedy construction”

PEB industry is still in its infancy but, over the last six years, there has been a phenomenal growth in this sector due to increasing awareness amongst consultants, architects and customers. PEB has started getting its due credit as a favorable alternative construction methodology today.

With this, Indian pre-engineered consecution market is now experiencing a demand shift to new applications due to infrastructure development in the country like airports, multi-story buildings, stadiums, metro stations etc. The country will see increased economic growth, and the removal of barriers to foreign investment will “spur demand for construction” over the coming few years.

Prefab Storage Structure

Infrastructure development Image

Pre-Engineered steel construction market has been growing in double figure year-on-year for the last few years. Also it would certainly not be an exaggeration if we say the industry is catching-up very rapidly. Sectors such as automotive, power, logistics, Pharma, FMCG, and retail provide huge growth opportunity for PEB in India. There is undoubtedly, a very promising future for this sector in the coming years.

Government Sector

“The pace of infrastructure development in the country is going to accelerate in years to come. Stemming from the Pre-engineered buildings industry, what is taking shape is the application of pre-engineered construction to new Heavy Engineering and larger Infrastructure projects which is the next in line for development in the country. 

Projects like 100 smart cities, new airports at various cities under UDAN Scheme , International terminals, Industry corridors, power plants, warehouses, ports etc. require heavy steel structures and a different approach in comparison to Pre-engineered buildings. The opportunity in these sectors is huge.

Cost Sensitive Indian Market

The higher cost barrier is just a preconceived perception of people who have never used pre-Engineered buildings. It has been witnessed that now more customers & companies are realizing that low cost does not always mean better and superior quality.

Pre Engineered steel buildings‘ unmatched advantages over a concrete building:

  • Construction time is reduced by at most 30-40% which gives early occupancy and early ROI
  • Large clear span structures upto 100 m & Clear height of up to 30 m are possible and mezzanine floors can be constructed which help in maximum usage of space and hence provide better utilization of money spent on every sq.ft
  • Less energy consumption due to natural lighting available, hence less electricity bill
  • Easy to construct and easy to expand in future when required without disturbing existing operations
  • Fire and earthquake resistant –Very low or negligible maintenance cost which again saves in overall cost of the building
  • Cheaper below ground due to lighter foundations
  • If a complete life cycle is seen of a pre-engineered building and RCC, then it is observed that a pre-engineered building is much more economical than an RCC one.

Initiative taken by EPACK Prefab for spreading awareness about PEB.

At EPACK Prefab, we take many initiatives to educate customers and key stakeholders such as: we release monthly newsletter and email campaigns to relevant target audiences.

We create knowledge-based videos and upload them on YouTube and other platforms.

We do podcasts and webinars with industry leaders. 

In addition, we participate in many seminars and exhibitions and educate the visitors.

EPACK Prefab Innovative Solutions:

We’re providing innovative solutions to Indian market right from its inception in 1999. Many innovative solutions have been accomplished by EPACK Prefab in recent years right from Multi-storey buildings to Airports for Government of India

Moreover, EPACK Prefab is in the process of constructing the first G+7 Multi-Storey 5 star Hotel Building in Sikkim

A 13.5 Lakh sqft Float Glass Manufacturing building, largest in India for Gold Plus in Belgum; Delivered G+2 Transit Camp in J&K for CPWD (Fastest Project in the history of J&K) and many more projects in pipelines.”

Today EPACK Prefab is India’s Fastest Growing Pre Engineered Manufacturing Company. Our capabilities are extending all over India with our nationwide sales and project support offices spread in every states and serviced by two manufacturing plants at Greater Noida (U.P) & Ghiloth (Rajasthan) and very soon our third manufacturing plant in South India will be ready for the production, with a combined capacity of over 1,87,000 MT per annum of steel buildings and over 15 million sqft per annum Insulated Roof & Wall systems. 

We’ve design & engineering teams of 100+ professionals and has expertise of over 5000 Completed projects for various construction sectors like industrial, Automotive, Agro, Textile, Pharma, Warehousing, Infrastructure, Retail and Airport Terminal spaces in India.

We at EPACK Prefab follow a very transparent system; always work for customer satisfaction and on-time projects delivery. We invite our clients to our manufacturing unit for quality inspection of raw material as well as finished goods and have unmatched quality control setup in manufacturing facilities. 

Strategies for current difficult economic condition.

We have strong financial backing and solid management systems in place. In the last few years, we have consolidated our operations and penetrated into new sectors; opening new applications for steel buildings, in India such as cement industry, multi-storey buildings and power sector.”

We are also happy with government current initiative like Make in India campaign, allocation of funds for new infra projects like metro, 100 smart cities, hospitals etc. 

We feel the market for pre-engineered steel construction is growing exponentially in India with consumers opting for new-age technologies as well as the need for fast construction. All sectors in India are expanding in terms of business and more companies are coming here which gives pre-engineered steel sector huge potential to grow. We are confident that consumers are getting ahead of the price sensitive market and are considering reputed companies to provide better and quality product.