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Ripening Chambers
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Ripening chambers are required mostly at various food handling and preservation devices. Depending upon the details demand, we provide fruit ripening chambers that are suitable for numerous sorts of fruits and also specifically engineered to satisfy their needs.

EPACK Prefab, the top ripening chambers manufacturers in India supplies its clients a wide array of prefabricated chamber devices that as well readily available at inexpensive rates. We provide an excellent quality and also ingenious solution that meets the commercial security as well as efficiency criteria.

Your search for the ideal mango ripening chamber, banana ripening chamber and all other fruit growing units ends at EPACK Prefab as the offered array is made to built to meet the demands of industrial fruit market. EPACK Prefab is a trusted and certified name supplying you a variety of chambers that are made with premium quality materials and also have remained in the domain for many years bringing you the best top quality options.

Classical ripening chamber and cultivation space needs exist in the industrial fruit market. In order to keep the fruits from rotting, these industries require a higher level of efficiency and performance than their competitors can offer.

Best-in-class portable cabin features

Ripening Chamber Manufacturer

The leading fruit ripening chamber manufacturer with making use of best grade resources as well as excellent quality raw materials assures to its customers an up-to-snuff range of items. With unmatched top quality and also components, the healthy food product growing chambers provide client satisfaction while adhering to the following features:

  • Construction as per specific client demands and various options for design layouts available
  • Optimum heat performance with using premium sandwich panels
  • Smooth operation and low maintenance costs
  • Computer control units to moderate internal temperature
  • Various finishing options available like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / Al Foil, PPGS / SS, SS / SS
  • Depending on the ripening requirements, walls of various thicknesses and insulating capacities are available.
  • Due to water contact during cultivation, the fruit ripening chambers are made of corrosion resistant materials
  • Lightweight construction and clever design makes them easily portable

Affordable housing solution for following applications

anufactured as per specific customer requirements, portable structures are a suitable solution for the following applications:

The industrial fruit market has a classic need for ripening chambers as well as growing spaces. Higher effectiveness as well as unmatched performance is the prime requisite of these sectors and is essential to avoid the fruits from decomposing. Different fruits call for different expanding and also ripening settings and also to be sufficient the requirements of each, cold storage banana ripening and fruit expanding chambers serve the adhering to applications:

  • Are used to preserve a suitable temperature and ventilation for mango ripening
  • Prefabricated ripening chambers are used to effectively store fruits and prevent them from rotting over time.
  • The top banana ripening chambers suppliers offer prefab growing rooms that are utilized as storage units and offer the optimal conditions for safe fruit storage
  • The fruit ripening chambers are used for effective storage during transit stays and help prevent rotting
  • The prefab growing rooms have a vast application in nourishment preparing commercial enterprises
  • They are utilized by agricultural organizations to keep their stock safe in the best environment

Why Choose EPACK Prefab?

Made from the most effective products readily available as well as created to serve the very best application, the ripening chambers produced by EPACK Prefab provide the following advantages:

  • Optimal heat efficiency
  • Smooth operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • All the joints between walls, ceilings and floor are leak proof
  • These rooms are easy and rapid to build.
  • Keeping in mind the corrosive impact water has, the selection of material in constructing the room is done with utmost care.