Cold Rooms Epack Prefab

Cold rooms are essential for any business that deals in perishable products like fruits, vegetables, medicines or vaccines. To help such businesses, there are several cold room manufacturers who supply large scale walk in cold room or refrigerators to be used by all kinds of businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or commercial kitchens.

It is like a walk in refrigerator which can keep food or non-food stock at steady temperatures. With so many manufacturers available in the market, it becomes difficult for you to choose the best. However, here we are helping you by letting know you know what you should consider while buying a cold room.

Manufacturers who have large scale manufacturing set-up are generally good to be chosen. Large scale manufacturing means low cost and good stock levels. This means you will not have to wait for days or months to get the desired products. So, opt only for international suppliers with good manufacturing base.

There is a wide range in cold and freezer rooms and not all manufacturers deal in every type of product. However, it would be good for you to deal with one who offers wide and full range of products in this category. There are mainly three typical temperature ranges in which cold rooms are available i.e. chiller, medium and freezer. These three also come in varying sizes and types. So, first you have to decide that which temperature range is suitable for your stock item.

The cold room must have modular design so that it is low in cost and can be customized easily. The design should be such that it may not hamper routine taking out and putting in of your stock items.

A cold room should be built under safety standards which can keep the business compliance with food safety regulations. It should be built in compliance features which include monitoring, recording and user safety features.

Choose a manufacturer who is ready to do the site survey and install the product at the site. Site surveying helps in getting the correct product for your site as size and fit are proper. This way you can get the best and right solution for your need.

A food retail and production business largely depends on its preservation techniques and equipments. If any equipment does not work properly, the retailer definitely looses business and suffers money loss. So, it is very important that you buy a warranty backed cold storage system. Moreover, an onsite support system to resolve any technical problems should also be there.