Porta Cabin

It is often seen across many industries that the office staff have to be on duty away from office, working on projects. This makes it imperative to construct a site office to keep continuity of daily tasks. Many organisations often try to build a temporary site office for short term purpose and keep costs in check.

However, in most cases, companies end up in losses – either in time or cost. Employees often have to move from one location to another, so it becomes imminent to have a site office at locations. If you have worked in any such industry, you will know how important it is to have a office in place. Having an on-site portable office is of huge benefit.

Below are few benefits of having a Portable Site Office

Construction takes minimal time

Constructing a portable office takes anywhere between 40 to 60 percent less time than a conventional permanent structure. This also helps minimise cost at the project site on things that are not related to the project. Also, once the project is over, the portable office can be dismantled and taken to a new location.

Reduced Cost

A prefabricated site office is an economical alternative to a permanent structure. Vendors usually offer cheaper price because the same factory line is used in different projects. Materials purchased in bulk also come cheaper.

Reduced construction waste

In prefabrication process, engineers first prepare a drawing before manufacturing begins. So manufacturing is done to exact measurements. This reduces construction waste significantly, thereby making prefabricated portable office an eco-friendly option. The walls are made of insulated sandwich panels, which retains room temperature, taking it another step ahead in eco-friendliness. One does not have to install heavy equipment to keep temperature in check. Also, portable offices are reusable.

Flexibility in design

When you have a permanent structure, making alterations could be a nightmare. With prefabricated structures, expansion is quite easy. Portable site offices have simple design and modular construction, which makes expansion possible! These come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

Maximises revenues

As portable offices allow workers to finish the job tasks and are built within a very short span of time, they ensure projects get completed faster, thus ensuring efficiency and maximising revenue over a period of time.

Control over Security

One more advantage of using porta cabins for on-site projects is security. With quickly erected on-site office, project holders get better control over the security of the project. You get space for storing documents, monitor CCTV footage, keep security people and so on and so forth.