Cold Storage Building

Cold rooms are widely used for storage of large quantities of food products and pharmaceutical equipments, wherein low temperature storage is required. Cold room used in different industries for different purposes like Hospitality, Horticulture, Medicare, Pharmaceutical industry, Seafood and many more. 

With prefabrication, modular cold rooms can be manufactured. Construction companies can procure these from the sellers. Some of the most common cold room problems and their solutions are addressed below:

Condensation of the walls

The reason why condensation happens on the walls is because of humid air which condenses and accumulates as water droplets. To troubleshoot this, the walls need to be properly insulated on the surfaces which can improve the airflow inside cold room.

Mould on the Walls

The accumulation of moisture leads to mould growing inside cold rooms. This is one of the most commonly found problems with cold room. Making the cold rooms dry, clean and purified can help solve this problem. Again, installation of proper insulation can do this.

Rotting of Walls 

Lack of vapour barrier or one that is wrongly installed can leads to the walls rotting in the cold room. The other reason for this is moisture seepage into the wood cladding. This issue can be solved by installing a different kind of insulation or adding another layer of insulation.

Dripping ceiling

The other result of wrongly fitted vapour barrier is dripping ceilings. Since the lack of insulation and vapour barrier are the common causes of this problem, the easiest solution would be to provide enough insulation as well as placing a vapour barrier with regards to the drive direction of the vapour pressure.

Smelly Storage airs

Emission of gases like ethylene and carbon dioxide are usually from decaying. If excess, these gases can cause foul smell inside your cold room. It is therefore recommended to install an exhaust fan for proper ventilation. Any product that is decaying should be disposed right away to get rid of bad smell.