K House Epack Prefab

One of the most common issues at construction site is labour retention. It is therefore important for any organisation to create habitable accommodation arrangement for their labourers. This includes providing the necessary amenities. At the same time, it becomes imperative to have an accommodation that is low on maintenance. Majority of the organizations have started using insulated prefab worker accommodation / labour hutment for better and happier living of their staff and workers on the work site.

Check out the all new K-house from EPACK Prefab. This helps you construct 100 sq.m in less than 8 hours.

Some of the salient features of the K-house includes:

  1. It is made from materials that is recyclable.
  2. It can be quickly dismantled and constructed at another site with ease.
  3. Offers good thermal insulation.
  4. Minimal maintenance required.
  5. Custom designed as per your requirements.
  6. Modular in design
  7. Available in single, double and triple floor layout. 


Wall : PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 50/60mm with PPGI sheet on both sides.
Roof :  PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 30/40 mm or PPGI roofing sheet.
Doors: Insulated Doors with all accessories will be provided.
Windows: Aluminum anodized Sliding windows will be provided.
Structure and Accessories: All required supporting accessories and structure will be provided.

EPACK Prefab, established in 1999, has emerged as one of the fastest growing infrastructure companies, developing sustainable and smart building.

We strive to deliver turkey solution including all the requirements after the plinth completion to the final ready to move in accommodation including the electrical fittings, sanitary fittings, furniture and bunk beds.